The seventh principle of Family Devotions is to keep it simple, easy, and not complicated. In order to maintain interest, dispel boredom, and hold the family’s attention we should remember to apply some appropriate and practical tips when reading the Word of God.

Firstly, read the Word clearly, eagerly, and enthusiastically. Make sure to emphasize certain words. There is nothing more deadly than reading the Word too quickly, too slowly, too boringly, and too indistinctly. Do not mumble God’s Word. We must remember that we are reading the holiest and most precious book in the entire world.

Ask questions. In order to keep the family’s minds focused on what is being read, ask several questions as you read. Ask different children to supply the answers. Make certain that both you and your family get the understanding of the main points. What is the point of reading the Holy Scriptures to your family if at the end they have no idea what is was all about?

Tomorrow we shall discuss why we should keep the reading brief and to the point.

Be encouraged. Colin

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