Today we share Principle 3 for Family Devotions, that of worshipping God through the singing of hymns and spiritual songs.

In our family we do this at the end of our Family Devotions. However, it would be just as appropriate to do it at the beginning. I have noticed that when we sing at the end, everyone seems to get into the singing mood and continue singing as we clear the table and do dishes. This makes a great atmosphere.

In the tabernacle we note that the ministry of prayer, praise, and worship, typified by the golden altar of Incense, was situated at the end of the order of the service. The order…

1. The brazen altar representing Calvary.
2. The brazen laver representing the washing by baptism.
3. The candlestick representing the Holy Spirit’s work of illuminating the bread, which was opposite the candlestick and represented the Word of God.
4. Finally, the golden altar of incense representing prayer, praise, and worship which was situated directly before the Holy of Holies, representing the divine Shekinah presence of God.

I have often noticed a wonderful sense of God’s presence as we sing hymns and worship songs around our table. We often use the hymn books and ask the family to choose which one they would like to sing. Sometimes we sing up to three hymns as we end devotions.

Be encouraged. Colin

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