Part 2

Deuteronomy 32:4, “He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.”

Children must be taught the clear difference between right and wrong, the clean and the unclean. * Jesus said in Luke 16:11, “He that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.” If our children do not learn justice in the little things of life while they are young, how will they know how to execute justice in bigger things as they grow older? Sadly, many young people, even from “Christian” homes, do not have clear insight of God’s word about conception, the sacredness of life in the womb, morality, purity and honesty. They are not able to discern clearly what is right in certain situations. Because they do not understand justice, they tolerate what God hates.

Our children must understand that justice will be executed for wrong-doing. If not, their judgment will be blurred all through their life. If we do not understand justice, we do not understand the necessity for Christ, the beloved Son of God, to die on the cross, in our place, for our sins. On the cross God’s mercy and justice came together, as they always do. Justice must be fulfilled, but God’s mercy is always available to forgive and embrace when there is repentance.

We see more examples of parental justice in the Scriptures. When the angel came to Manoah and his wife to tell them that she would conceive Samson, Manoah asked the Lord, “How shall we order the child, and how shall we do unto him?” (Judges 13:12) The word ‘order’ is mishpat, the Hebrew word for justice. Manoah knew that he needed God’s wisdom to raise him with justice. Unfortunately, their parenting didn’t work too well. Even though they prayed for justice, they did not execute it. When Samson wanted a wife from the Philistines, instead of one of their own Israelites, they gave into his whim. Samson’s end may have been different if they had exercised justice. (Judges 14:1-3)

What kind of an earthly father did God look for when it was time to send His Son to this earth? We would think that he would choose a wealthy man who owned a big home and could provide well for the Son of God who left behind the glory of the heavenly world. Surely He would choose a man of prominence and influence in the community. Perhaps a man of great intellect. No. He looked for a very special quality—a quality that describes who God is. When Matthew 1:19 introduces Joseph, the only quality mentioned is that he is a “just” man. It is obviously the No. 1 requirement for parenting.

We notice that God looked for the same characteristic in everyone who was part of the birth of Jesus. John the Baptist’s parents, Zacharias and Elizabeth were “both righteous (just) before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.” (Luke 1:6). John the Baptist himself grew up to be a “just man” like his parents. (Mark 6:20) Simeon was also “just and devout”. The Holy Spirit revealed to Simeon that he would not die until He had seen the Messiah. (Luke 2:25-35)
And Jesus Himself was called “the Just One.” (Acts 3:14; 7:52; 22:14)

One of the greatest needs of this hour is for a generation of children to rise up who know justice. We need leaders who understand justice. We need men like King David who “reigned over all Israel and administered justice and righteousness for all his people.” (2 Samuel 8:15) We need leaders like Solomon, who rather than ask God for riches for himself, asked for “discernment to understand justice.” (1 Kings 3:11; 2 Chronicles 9:8)

We need young men like Phinehas who was not afraid to take action against evil. (Numbers 25:6-15; Psalm 106:30) We need prophets, young and old, who are not afraid to speak the word of the Lord—“Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish justice in the gate!” (Amos 5:15) We need judges in the land who will “justify the righteous and condemn the wicked”, not the other way around as so often happens today.

May God anoint us to raise children like these men.



“Oh Father, please give me wisdom to teach justice to my children. May they walk in integrity, loving righteousness and hating evil. Amen.”


I am walking in the ways of justice.

* Leviticus 10:10-11; Psalm 34:14; 97:10; Jeremiah 15:19; Ezekiel 22:26; 44:23; Romans 12:9; Ephesians 5:11-13; 1 John 2:15-17

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