Disarming the Gainsayers, No. 206


Zechariah 8:12 (NLT), “I believe, therefore have I spoken.”  

“Who am I? Have you sighed these words on your difficult mothering days? 

It’s a good question, for if you don’t know who you are, you will flounder in life. Fortunately, it’s not a hard question to answer. God created you uniquely, like nobody else on earth, with special gifts that no one else has. But, transcendentally, you are a mother. You have an in=born urge to nurture. If you don’t want to mother children, you will find yourself mothering something else, maybe your pet dog or cat. It is distinctive to us as females.  

God created you with a womb and with breasts to nurture and nourish life. Why not embrace who you are? Be the best at who God created you to be instead of running from it. Start enjoying it. Disarm the feminists! Disown the lies! Destroy the deceptions and delight in motherhood. 

How? By exploding with joy. You have the privilege of bringing children into the world for God's purposes, children who will live forever. By telling the world you are proud to be a mother. Away with inferiority that’s a lie! Away with feeling insignificant; that’s not true! Away with the thoughts that you were called to do something more important; that’s a humanistic lie! 

Next time someone asks you what you do in life, beam with joy and shout, “I am a mother! I have the most blessed career in the world.” 

The next time someone sees you with all your children in tow and asks, “Are all these yours?” put on a bigger smile, from ear to ear, and shout, “Yes, I am so blessed.” Or, “Yes, we love children so much we are hoping for more.” Or, “Yes, we’re just getting started!” 

Or you could even say, “Yes, they are. But where are your children?” 

“Oh, they’re’ at school. We could only afford to have two.” 

“How very sad,” you reply. “You must often feel bored and lonely. We live such a full and exciting life.” Give another beaming smile and leave them speechless, ready to disarm the next person who makes a negative comment.  

Going out with all your children will become such fun. It will be even more exciting as you train your children for adverse comments about family. When you have answered your critic, the children can also put on their beaming smiles and all say in unison, “God bless you, Madam." 

What if someone says, “DON”T YOU KNOW HOW TO STOP HAVING CHILDREN?” Or “Are you planning to have any more?”  With a smile and twinkle in your eyes, you could answer, “It’s conceivable.” 

What if some dear soul comments, “You have your hands full.”  “We’re working on it,” you reply. “We are blessed with five; only five more to go!” 

Put your shoulders back. Lift up your head. Put a big smile on your face and disarm the anti-child advocates. You’ll begin to change the world around you!

You’ll be speaking on the behalf of God who loves life and loves children.

You’ll be destroying the deceptions of Satan who hates life and seeks to destroy it. 

What a mission. Have fun. 



“I thank you, Lord, that you created me to be a mother. Help me to shine with your glory and lift up your truth wherever I go.”  


I am heralding the joy of motherhood whenever I go.


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