Family Togetherness, No. 176

Proverbs 18:19 Knox, "When brother helps brother, theirs the strength of a fortress, their cause is like a city gate barred, unassailable.”

God created the family unit. It was His idea. It is how He planned for mankind to live—in a family! God wants families to be strong. Strong families make a strong nation.

Satan wants families to be weak. We must beware of allowing Satan to destroy our families. Let’s face it. No family is perfect. We are trying to get along with a whole lot of sinners. Because of this, every one of us face hurts and grievances in our immediate family and in our extended family. Family members will do something that hurts. Or they will say words that pierce like a sword. Unless we walk in the spirit, it is easy to allow unforgiveness and hurt to fester in family relationships.

We cannot allow this to happen. We must be big enough to lay down our own agenda. We must say No to the flesh and allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. We must show grace. We must forgive. We may have to forgive again and again and again. Seventy times seven! This is God’s way and the only way that works.

Seek to strengthen your family—and your extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins. A strong extended family is a powerful force in the nation. Here is a little acrostic about Family Togetherness.

T       Traveling through life is no good on your own

          To do it with family is the best way known.

O      Old and young, the toddlers and teens

          All add to the mix with their family genes.

G      Gathering together as much as we can,

          Putting aside time to be with the clan.

E       Enjoying suppers, parties and feasts

          Where we all bring food and special treats.

T       Talking and laughing, shouting, debating,

          It’s a great lot of fun, certainly not sedating!

H       Helping one another in times of need,

          Going the extra mile to do the deed.

E       Embracing the children, the more the merrier

          Enlarging our homes to all fit in one area.

R       Remembering each other, even those far away,

          Cementing the bonds by praying each day.

N       Never holding a grudge--for hurt or lies,

          Forgiving freely when offences arise.

E       Expect perfection? We all fall on our face,

          We’re sinners redeemed, needing God’s grace.

S       Strengthened by unity--we must guard it well

          And watch “little foxes” don’t come in to dwell.

S       Serving each other with a humble mind
         This is the way as a family we’ll bind.



“Father, please help me to do my part to strengthen the family I am part of. Help me to overlook and forgive offences. Help me to love in the face of hatred. Give me grace to forgive even when it seems too hard to forgive. Thank you, Lord, for your power enabling me to do this because this is your perfect will. Amen.”


I am a family strengthener!

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