Part 7 (The Strengths I Bring to my Marriage and Family)

“Who can find a wife with strength of character? She is far more precious than jewels”
(Proverbs 31:10 Fenton).

Today, we look at the last two points in this series asbout the strengths we bring to our marriage.


Perhaps the most beautiful strength we bring to our marriage is motherhood. We remember that God calls us an ezer kenegdo, ezer meaning “strong helper” and kenegdo “counterpart, corresponding to him.” In other words, God made us with strengths opposite to our husbands. God ordained the husband to be the leader and provider of the home. He didn’t need two leaders or two providers. Instead He created us to be the heart of the home--to bring to birth and mother children in the home.

God created us physically for this task. He gave to the female a womb and breasts for this very purpose. He created us innately for this task. He divinely put within every female an instinctive desire to mother and nurture. This is who we are as a female.

To deny who we are as female is to deny our greatest strength. To resist motherhood for other pursuits pulls down the home instead of building it up (Proverbs 14:1). To reject motherhood denies the very purpose of marriage. God created a male and female to bring forth children in His image. Therefore, homosexuality is an abomination to God. It denies God’s plan for marriage to be fruitful and bring forth His children.

Motherhood is a mighty strength. Society doesn’t tell you this, but Satan knows it. That’s why he attacks motherhood and seeks to deceive women about this highest role God has given to them. Satan fears godly mothers—mothers who know who they are, who know the power of their calling, and who understand their eternal value of mothering. Mothers who embrace the children God has planned for them from before the foundation of the world and who stay home to mother, nurture, and train these children to be mighty men and women of God. There’s no mightier task in the whole of the nation! Satan doesn’t have a chance to get a hold of these children. He loses.

Are you bringing your greatest strength to your marriage? Embrace it with all your heart. It’s not an easy task. It’s not for the fainthearted. But remember, we are talking about the STRENGTHS we bring to our marriage, not the weaknesses!

Proverbs 31:10 (Fenton) states: “Who can find a wife with STRENGTH OF CHARACTER? She is far more precious than jewels.” This is a correct translation. The word “virtuous” in the KJV is chayil and is translated “valiant” in other Scriptures.


God does not intend the husband to keep the home—to manage the home and do the household tasks. His function is to go out and provide for the home. We lovingly tend to the home and “keep the home fires burning.”

I know you love it when your husband helps you in the home. But please don’t have an entitlement mentality and expect him to do it. Be grateful. Always remember to thank him for any help he gives you for he is helping you in your role in addition to his role!

God wants you to be queen of your home. To rule and reign. It is within every woman to want to take dominion. It is instinctive. But there is where so many women are deceived by the enemy. Instead of reigning in their home, they are brainwashed to think the home is insignificant, and instead leave them home to find another place to rule and reign. They move out of the sphere God ordained for them. Reverently and repentingly read Jude 1:6).

1 Timothy 5:14 says: “I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.” The phrase “guide the house” is oikodespoteo and means “to rule and manage the home.” It doesn’t say we rule our husband, but the domain God has given to us—our mothering, our household tasks, our garden, and all the amazing things we can accomplish in our home.

You must be strong to do this today You must stand against the tide. Stand against the negative remarks of family members and friends. Stand against the pressure of society that woos you out of the home. Stand against the unbelief Satan puts in your mind that you cannot survive without leaving the home to go to work.

What God do you believe in? A god who can only provide for one or two children? Or the God of the universe, the King of kings and Lord of lords who can quite easily provide for the children He sends to us.

You may like to go back over the previous devotions to read again the ten strengths we bring into our marriage. Let’s bring them in STRONGLY.



“I thank you, dear Father for your perfect and divine plan for my life. You created me to be a mother and a nurturer. Your ordained me to be queen of my home and make it a beautiful resting place for my husband and family. Please strengthen me in this great calling. Amen.”


I do not apologize for being a mother. I am in the perfect will of God.
I do not apologize for having the children God wants me to have. I am fulfilling God’s ultimate plan for our marriage.
I do not apologize for staying home with my children. I am strengthening our marriage.


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