Ordinances In The House, No. 388


"The Lord our God made a breach upon us, for that we sought him not after the due order"
(1 Chronicles 15:13).

The tabernacle in the wilderness, and later Solomon's temple, were built according to the pattern God gave to Moses. They were a shadow or type of the heavenly dwelling place of God (Hebrews 8:2-5; 9:8-12; 23, 24). God gave many ordinances for the running of His earthly tabernacle and temple. God speaks in Ezekiel 44:5: "Son of man, mark well, and behold with thine eyes, and hear with thine ears all that I say unto thee concerning all the ordinances of the house of the Lord, and all the laws thereof: and mark well the entering in of the house with every going forth of the sanctuary."

Moses followed God's pattern of the heavenly sanctuary to establish God's house on earth. We no longer have need for a tabernacle or temple because Christ now dwells in the hearts those who receive Him and acknowledge the shedding of His precious blood for their sins.

Because God is a dwelling God, He wants to not only dwell in our hearts but in our homes too. Shouldn't our house be a "house of the Lord"? Our greatest privilege is to make our home a dwelling place for God. Therefore, as we have this vision, we should also follow the pattern God showed for His earthly house. We notice that it didn't run haphazardly. God established daily ordinances, laws, statutes, and set times.

This is the question we must ask ourselves: If God established ordinances and laws to efficiently order His house, don't you think we need plans and ordinances to efficiently run our homes? Read 1 Timothy 5:14.

I don't like to run a rigid household. I want to fill my home with joy and spontaneity. However, I have proved, as I am sure you have too, that I cannot run an efficient household without certain laws that must be heeded by everyone in the home. Ordinances bring order to the home, but they also give freedom to accomplish many projects and visions. What is the result of a home out of order, in a mess, everyone doing their own their at their own time, and duties left undone? No peace. Confusion. Overwhelmingness. No one can accomplish anything of great significance. Everyone's mind is in a muddle.

What ordinances do you have in your home? Each home will be different and you will pattern it according to your husband's schedule and the seasons of life of the children. 1 Chronicles 28:11-13 tells us how David gave to his son, Solomon, the pattern for building the house for God's name. How did David decide on the pattern? He received it "by the Spirit" (verse 12). I love that, don't you? God showed it to him, right down to the exact duties for the priests and Levites, their times and courses, and even for all the vessels they would use.

God will also show you how He wants you to order your home. Take time to let Him speak to you by His Holy Spirit, and put into action what He reveals to you. It's not enough to get a vision, you must implement your vision. You must make it happen in your home. My constant affirmation is: Nothing just happens; you have to make it happen!

It won't be easy. You may receive opposition. Children invariably want to do their own thing--the little ones and older ones. It's the way of the flesh. However, keep establishing the laws until they are the habit of their life and they no longer resist. Ultimately it will bring great freedom and joy to their lives.

Start your ordinances at the commencement of the day. All children should be up, dressed, and ready for breakfast by a certain time. You will establish the time for your home. Those who are old enough should also make their beds before coming to breakfast. Institute this habit. I don't allow beds to stay unmade in my home. We have Morning Devotions after breakfast, but the only way I can make this happen is to have everyone up in time for breakfast.

I am amazed that in some homes teens are allowed to sleep in and get up when they like. This does not train them for diligence, or for one day running their own home. The easiest way to get into a shambles is to sleep in. Everything stays out of order for the rest of the day.

After breakfast appoint chores for each member of the family to get the kitchen cleaned and the laundry humming in the machine. All children need to be involved from the youngest to the oldest. When you start your tasks in the morning, aim for a time to get them finished. No dawdling about! Teach your children to work hard and fast. You are training them for the future! They must know how to work hard, fast, and joyfully!

Establish a time when you begin preparing the evening meal and the time you eat together as a family. Keep to it. If you leave it to the last minute to prepare, you will not be able to make it the enjoyable, restful, and family gathering time that it is meant to be. Once again, we like to have our Evening Devotions at the end of supper time. This won't happen unless I have the meal ready on time, the table set, and prepare the way for this appointment with God.

It is important to have times for all mealtimes. I also have a law in my home that we only eat meals at the table. If children want snacks during the day they must eat them in the kitchen, not in the lounge or bedrooms. This causes more cleaning as crumbs and spills end up all over the home.

Did you notice that you are also to "mark well" the coming in and going forth of your home? You must guard the gates of your home. God will show, by His Spirit, the pattern of how He wants you to establish this in your family too.

Blessings from Nancy Campbell

"I thank you, dear Father, that You are a God of order. The whole universe runs according to Your divine order. You set decrees for the sea and all of creation. Help me to also run my home in an orderly way that will bring glory to Your name. Please reveal to me by Your Holy Spirit, the plans and ordinances You have my home. Amen."

I am walking way from disorder and into God's order.


"According to the pattern" (Exodus 25:9, 40 and Numbers 8:4).

According to God's "order" (Leviticus 24:8; 2 Kings 23:4; 1 Chronicles 6:32; 15:13; 23:31; 24:19; 25:2; 2 Chronicles 8:14; 13:11; 29:35; Psalm 110:4; Luke 1:8; Hebrews 5:6, 10; and 7:11, 17, 21).

God wants things done in order in the gathering together of God's people (1 Corinthians 14:40).

Christ orders His kingdom (Isaiah 9:6).


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