"Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou has been faithful over a few things, I will make thee rule over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord" Matthew 25:21.


Doing little things can often seem so insignificant, can't they? Especially menial things. Tedious things. The things that you have to do over and over again like making beds, doing laundry, doing dishes and preparing meals. Can I remind you that no little thing is insignificant? Little things accumulate and add up to big things. And more important of all, God notices. He is interested in the little things as much as the big things.

When God, who is watching over the walls of your home, sees you faithfully and joyfully embracing your daily tasks, it pleases His heart. He takes notice of it. God takes as  much pleasure in the little things as He does the big things. He created the huge mountains, but put even more intricate design to each tiny snowflake which you can only see under a magnifying glass. He created the giant redwoods (you may have driven your car through one of the trunks of these trees in California, as we have), but He created the beauty of the little violet and forget-me-not flowers.

God poured beauty and intricate design into the tiniest of His creations, some that can't even be seen by the eyes of men. You also are being transformed into the character of God when you make beauty and joy out of your little and menial tasks, tasks that you think are boring. Nothing is boring when God is in it! Seek ways to do your little tasks faster, better and more creatively. Sing while you do them. Thank God that He is with you as you do them.

I am always challenged by Frank Bunker Gilbert in Cheaper by the Dozen who sought to do every household task more efficiently and quickly. He timed his children doing each task to see if they could do it more quickly the next time. That's why we have so many wonderful  inventions in the world today because people seek ways to do things quicker and better than before! The little can lead to the amazing!

This can happen in your home every day as you bring God into every task! It changes the boring to the interesting; the mundane to the creative and the little to make the way for the great.

I feel very blessed to have the privilege of encouraging the mothers of the world and printing 160,000 magazines each time we print a new Above Rubies. Did I start with this number? No. when I printed the first issue over 33 years ago I printed only 1500 copies! But it started even before I was married. I was teaching and gave my vacation time to ministering at girls' camps. These young girls came in from all over the country, many from non-Christian homes. It was a joy to lead many of them to the Lord, but I knew they would go home to receive no encouragement in their faith. I began writing to them and  ended up writing regularly to over 100 girls. Looking back, I believe that because I was faithful in that small task, God chose me to do a bigger task and to reach thousands and thousands of families across the world.

Many women send in poems and writings to me for inclusion in Above Rubies. Sadly, I can't use them all. I cannot find space for all the poems. But can I encourage you? Don't wait to be published. Write your poem or prose out beautifully on a lovely card and give it to someone in need. Write poems for your husband, children or grandchildren. Write rhymes for Name Places at the dinner table. Write encouraging letters to those who need uplifting. Use your writing talent for your family and the people God puts on your heart. As you share your writings with those around you to bless and uplift them, God will open bigger doors. He gives rulership to those who are faithful in the least.

Do you feel you have a message to speak to thousands? You may wait forever for that opportunity. Start where you are. Bless your family with your inspirations. Speak to everyone you meet. As you are faithful to do this, God may open up remunerative opportunities.

Are you an artist? Paint the walls of your home. Paint beautiful pictures to give to friends. Draw a picture for an older person living on their own.* Decorate cards and give them to those who need encouraging. Use your gift to bless those around you and God will open bigger opportunities.

Zechariah 4:10 says, "Who has despised the day of small things?"





"I thank you, dear Father, that you are interested in the little things as well as the big things. Help me to know that you are with me in every small task I accomplish in my home. I thank you that even the mundane things are wonderful when you are in them. Amen."




I am making every little task into an amazing one!


* I am always looking for illustrations and beautiful decorative borders to include in the Above Rubies magazine. Contact me if you are interested. Nancy


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