In the past few years my perspective of mothering has changed. I have older children and little ones. When my older children were young, I mistakenly assumed they'd all grow up to have the same values as I do and that they'd be solid in their walks with the Lord because of the training they'd receive. However, they don't always choose that direction. I no longer make any assumptions.

As a result, I've spent a LOT more time in prayer with these last few little boys, as well as my other children. When I hold little Eli (which is often as I can) and am alone with him, nursing or rocking him to sleep, he gets a lot of prayer covering. I often pray that his little hands would be only used for the Lord and never used by the devil. I pray that his feet will only take him where the Lord leads him.

There are so many things that we should pray for them. Along with praying over their hands and feet, how about their mouths, that they will only speak what is wholesome and encouraging. We should pray their eyes would always be the light of the body and that their minds will be stayed upon things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous and praiseworthy. We should pray that they would present their bodies to the Lord as a living sacrifice and be worthy of being His temple. And don't forget their hearts, that they would always remain pure.

I've never had such a desire to pray for my children as I do now.  I thank God for the desire He has placed in my heart and for the continued trust He puts in me to be a mother all over again. Children truly are a gift from the Lord and I feel so blessed.

Oakdale, Illinois, USA
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Bobby and Robin are the blessed parents of 12 children.


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