The day I found I was pregnant was a happy day for me,

I just knew in my heart a son it would have to be.


Then I saw him on the screen, my wish did come true,

I thought he'd be blond with beautiful eyes of blue.


I waited and waited and to see my little boy,

I have to say my heart was overflowing with joy.


 Then it happened with only four weeks to go,

My son stopped moving, I was so scared to go...


 I went to the hospital with my eyes full of tears,

"Please don't let it be my worst of fears."


They told me that my son had died,

I went into hysterics and cried and cried and cried.


How could this happen, how could this be?

This was my boy that God gave to me.

I gave birth the very next day,

I prayed for a miracle that he'd be okay.


He was just as I thought, blond and blue-eyed,

But he didn't move and oh how I cried.


They let me hold him one last time,

I wanted to hear, "He'll be just fine."


I hugged him and kissed him and gave him away,

I didn't know what to do or what to say.


One thing helps me that I have found,

He is safe with my Lord, safe and sound.



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