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Above Rubies Magazine Subscription - Step 2


WAIT!! Are you already subscribed and just need to update your subscription?

Then please use the Quick Contact form located to the left. Please provide old and new address information as well as any changes in your email address - Provide old and new email address also.


If you are a new subscriber please proceed and make a selection below:

This form is for those who are

Canadian Residents and have a valid Email Address.


Please enter ALL VALID POSTAL INFORMATION for proper delivery.

We get numerous returned magazines that cost the ministry money because addresses given are not verifiable by the Canadian Postal Service.

Please check that your address information is accurate and if possible please verify it with the Post Office. (Tip: Use the address on one of your utility bills)

Above Rubies Canadian Magazine Subscribers with Valid Email Address

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Please enter the number of Magazines over 20 you would like to be responsible for distributing.

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Please enter a valid phone number, this helps to verify your address as well as get in touch if we have any questions.

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Please enter your spouses name if applicable. If no spouse then please enter Head of Household. This helps us locate and verify address information, especially if we do not have your current email address.

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Please share the names and ages of your children so we may pray for them. (optional) (example: Bobbie-14, Julie-6)

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Additional Comments - How did you hear about us, prayer requests, etc. IF YOU ARE SUBSCRIBING SOMEONE ELSE, PLEASE TELL US WHO YOU ARE. Thank You.

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Above Rubies Address

Email Nancy

PO Box 681687
Franklin, TN 37068-1687
Phone Toll Free in USA: 877-729-9861
Or  Phone : 931-729-9861
Office Hrs 9am - 4pm, M - F, CTZ