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Sample of  "Angel's Lullaby"


Songwriters: Pearl and Charlie Barrett

Goodnight, baby,
Sweet dreams, darling,
Goodnight, sleep tight,
Close your little eyes.

Goodnight, my love,
God smiles above,
Goodnight, sleep tight
To angel’s lullabies.



Sample of  "Time To Lay Down"


Songwriter: Pearl Barrett

See the big moon rising up in the sky,
It’s time to lay down.
See the stars come out to sparkle and shine,
It’s time to lay down.

See the shadows grow long,
Hear the cricket’s song,
Now there’s a big yawn,
It’s time to lay down.

Have peaceful dreams the whole night through,
God is always there watching you.
Snuggle in and close your eyes,
Don’t you worry, now don’t you cry,
It’s time to lay down.

We’ve come to the end of a long, busy day,
It’s time to lay down.
Morning will come and then you can play,
It’s time to lay down.

See the shadows grow long,
Hear the cricket’s song.
Now there’s a big yawn,
It’s time to lay down.




Sample of  "Lullaby"


Songwriter: Serene Allison

The stars above are shining for us, baby,
And the moon is smiling down on us, yeah.
And the wind is blowing for us, baby,
Blowing all our cares away.

Lullaby, lullaby,
Little dreamer, close your eyes.
Sleepy clouds drift on by,
Lullaby, lullaby.

2nd verse, serene
Me and you waltzing ‘round the room, yeah,
It’s magical to hold you, precious baby,
Hold you in my arms where you will always stay.


I stroke your little head, kiss you again and again,
Hush little baby, don’t you cry, rockaby.
Don’t worry little lamb, you’re in the Shepherd’s hand,
Float little baby on a pillow of dreams tonight.



Sample of  "Buddy Boy"


Songwriter: Pearl Barrett

One day you may fly a big airplane,
Zoom in a rocket into outer space.
One day you may sail the ocean blue,
The world is waiting, waiting just for you.

That day will come too soon
When you grab life by the horns
And rope the moon!
Until then you’ll be your mother’s joy,
I will tousle your hair and call you, Buddy Boy,
So sleep away in my arms, Buddy Boy.

One day you may wrestle crocodiles
Or ride bucking broncos far too wild,
One day you may trek the jungles deep,
Visit places no one else has seen.




Sample of  "Angel In My Arms"


Songwriters: Pearl and Meadow Barrett

Tiny fingers hold my own,
Tiny toes and a button nose,
Cherub cheeks flush with sleep,
We cuddle close, this is the most
Wonderful thing to do,
I’m rocking the baby so brand new,
You know your big sister
Will always love you.

I have an angel in my arms,
A little angel in my arms,
So sweet to hold, so soft to kiss,
So heaven sent that I know this,
I have an angel in my arms,
A little angel.

Baby hair like silk to stroke,
Lashes closed we rock to and fro,
A baby sigh from little lips,
A lovely sound I know I’ve found,
My favorite place to be,
Just the baby and me rocking happily,
I thank God that He gave you
To our family



Sample of  "Little Girl"


Songwriter: Pearl Barrett

You’ve put a million smiles on my face, little girl,
On the day you were born this became a more beautiful world,
God gave a precious gift to me when He let me be your mother,
I see the wonder of life in your eyes with each new thing you discover

I watch you!

Learn a little, play a little, smile your little smile,
Give a little hug and let me rock you for awhil,e
Laugh a little, dance a little, do a little twirl,
Blow your daddy little kisses, you know you are his world.
Grow a little, change a little, just a little while
You’ll  be grown and we’ll be waving you goodbye.
When you’re big enough to face this world
You’ll still be my little girl.

I pray you’ll never have to go searching for love,
Your daddy and I want to give you more than enough,
One day your prince will find you and then you will give him your hand,
But until that day when he whisks you away you’ll be covered
by this love that we have.

I’ll watch you!


So grow in this garden of love,
Turn your little face up to the sun.

I watch you!




Sample of  "Dear God"


Songwriter: Serene Allison

Staring at her while she lays asleep,
Sleepy dreamer swaddled in peace,
It’s a great big wide world and she’s just a little girl,
A delicate rose, she’s a precious pearl.

Dear God, watch over my baby,
Dear God, I trust her to you,
Dear God, this treasure you gave me,
I lay before you.

I see her smile through the window in my kitchen
Showing me some wild flowers she’s been busy picking,
I want to protect her from every pain,
Keep the sun shining, keep her out of the rain.




Sample of  "Hushaby"


Songwriters: Pearl and Charlie Barrett

Hushaby, hushaby,
Hush, little baby, don’t you cry.
Hushaby, hushaby,
Hush little baby, now don’t you cry.

Mama rock a baby,
Daddy rock a baby too,
Gonna rock our little baby
Like we always do.

There, there,
Now, now,
Sleepy time,
Lie down.



Sample of  "Baby, Don't Be Blue"


Songwriters: Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett

Baby, don’t be blue,
Maybe we’ll see you smile soon,
Baby, don’t be blue,
Baby, baby, don’t be blue.

Your mamma’s here, sisters and brothers too,
Your dad will be home soon and you know we all love you.
Take a look, baby, it’s a happy world outside,
The birds are a-singing, see those pretty butterflies


Pat-a-cake baby, ring around the rosies,
Peek-a-boo, I see you, let’s get your little tosies,
Why so unhappy baby, music’s in the air,
Jesus loves the little children, hear it ringing everywhere.


The summer sun is setting,
The fireflies will glow,
Let’s take a walk together,
Honeysuckle breeze will blow.





Sample Of "Babies Don't Keep"  {mp3}BabiesDontKeep{/mp3}


Adapted from the poem, “Babies Don’t Keep”. Other words and music by Pearl Barrett 

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait ‘till tomorrow,
Babies grow up I have learned to my sorrow,
So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep,
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.

Let’s take a break, precious baby,
Don’t want to work any more,
Let’s just rock in the stillness,
All those chores we’ll ignore.

For you are far more important
And you deserve special time,
Your mama longs just to hold you,
I’m so glad that you’re mine.



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