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SereneBabyOn Mother's Day, after a long but beautiful and gentle birth, Serene gave birth to a baby boy. What an extra special blessing for her to receive a baby and for us to receive a grandbaby on Mother's Day! Sam and Serene named him Remnant. The Bible speaks of the remnant as those who are true, uncompromising, and faithful to the end. Not everyone who goes to church will be saved. It is those who endure to the end (Matthew 10:22).

Sam and Serene's prayer for their little son is that in the midst of this deluded and deceived world that he will grow up faithful, uncompromising, and true to the Lord in every area of his life. What a privilege to carry this name. He will be called Rem for short. Isn't that cool? Remnant is Serene's eighth biological baby, but No. 13 in the family because of their adopted children. Did you know that Serene is also a grandmother? Two of her older adopted children are married and have children.

Serene had been intensely busy throughout the whole of her pregnancy working on the two new books for "Trim Healthy Mama." She hoped to have three weeks to relax and prepare for the baby, but instead he came three weeks early! A couple of days before the birth, she was feeling rather anxious, and asked the Lord for a Scripture. he opened her Bible and it miraculously turned to Isaiah 46:3, 4: "Hearken unto me, O house of Jacob, and all the REMNANT of the house of Israel, which are borne by me from the belly, which are carried from the womb: And even to your old age I am he: and even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made, and I will bear: even I will carry, and will deliver you."

She could hardly believe she was reading the word, REMNANT because this is the name they had chosen at the beginning of the pregnancy if God gave them a boy. At this stage she didn't know the sex as they always wait for the surprise (Psalm139:15. This Scripture carried her through her labor and of course he was a little boy!

You can also read the wonderful story of the naming of her precious baby, Haven. A HAVEN OF REST is printed in Above Rubies # 85.

The meanings of the names we call our children are powerful and have an impact upon their life. I am sure you also pray very much about the destiny of each one of your children and the name God has for them. Like you, there is a special meaning for the names of all our children and grandchildren. I wish I had time to tell all the stories. Here's one or two:

We named one of our daughters, Evangeline, because we felt that would be the anointing upon her life. It comes from the word "evangel," meaning "the bearer of the good news of the gospel." From the day she could talk Evangeline has been a light and sharer of the Gospel. She will be 50 years on the 1 August and continues to share about Jesus with everyone she meets. She knows who she is meant to be--the bearer of the good news!

Evangeline's oldest son is called Zadok. Zadok was a high priest in the time of King David, but his name means "to lead many to righteousness." From the time he was little Zadok has been told the meaning of his name and this has affected his life. He has always had this mantle upon him. He is now 22 years of age--an upright young man who seeks righteousness and leads others to righteousness.

Even while Crusoe was still in the womb Evangeline and Howard felt that God's anointing upon him was to be a heralder of the Lord's return. They searched and searched God's Word for a name with this meaning. Howard found the Greek word "kerusso" which means "to herald the coming of the Lord." However, they changed the spelling to Crusoe so he would also have the courage and adventure of "Robinson Crusoe." His second name is Shofar which is the Hebrew trumpet that is blown each time there is an important message to be given to the nation.

I better not keep on with name stories as I have many other things to share in this mini newsletter.


jackrashidaOn the 28 May, our granddaughter, Rashida, became engaged to a fine young man, Jack Simpson. They plan to be married on 8 August. Our adopted son, John, is planning to marry Courtney on 25 July. And we have a few more courtships happening among the adopted children and grandchildren so we look forward to more and more weddings. I love romances and weddings, don't you!

Did you know that God loves them too? What is it like when God's blessing is upon the land? Jeremiah 33:11 says there will be: "The voice of joy, the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, the voice of the bride, the voice of them that shall say, Praise the LORD of hosts: for the LORD is good; for her mercy endureth for ever." God's blessing on the land is young couples getting married. This fills His heart with joy.


I know you will have enjoyed the last magazine, No. 91. I am so looking forward to doing the next one, No. 92, but currently I am still waiting on finance to pay off the last one. Our printing bill was over $30,000.00 and we paid more than that to send them out across the world.

We make Above Rubies freely available to every woman to be blessed and encouraged, but at the same time the only way we can keep printing is by the freewill and loving donations of those who have a burden to see marriage and family life strengthened in the nation. If God touches your heart to give and to keep this magazine going out into the world to strengthen families, you can go to either of these links:

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NannyNursuryRhymes3Dcover wThe new NANNY'S NURSERY RHYMES is now in stock and all pre-orders have now been sent out. If you haven't ordered it for your children yet, you can now do so and receive it immediately. Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/NannysNurseryRhymes


TruthIt's surprising. Actually, it's sad! I find more and more young people do not know the traditional nursery rhymes. As a child, and when I raised our children, it was expected that every child could recite all the nursery rhymes by heart. We knew them from toddler age.

Is it that mothers do not take time to read to their children now? Or is that they do not know the power of reading rhyme to their children?

I encourage you to read nursery rhymes to your children. I know you may think it a little ridiculous to teach your little ones some of the traditional nursery rhymes. They do not contain a lot of positivity. However, it is still important to recite rhyme to your children. That's why I have written this new nursery rhyme book for this new generation--NANNY'S NURSERY RHYMES.


Here are 10 REASONS to read nursery rhymes to your children, from babyhood onwards:

1. Nursery rhymes give your children a delight for listening. Listening is one of the most important skills to teach your children. Their ability to listen affects their future. We all know that "listening comprehension precedes reading comprehension." The rhythm and beat of nursery rhymes give pleasure to the ear and therefore encourages them in this wonderful art from the beginning.

2. Nursery rhymes are good for their brain. The repetition of rhymes builds memory capabilities that can be applied to all areas of life.

3. Nursery rhymes prepare your children for reading. They are the "springboard to literacy." They give your child a head start in their education.

WakeUp4. Nursery rhymes "boost language development." They lay the foundation for understanding words and even help with spelling. A study by Bryant, MacLean and Crosland (1990) revealed that children who were familiar with nursery rhymes from an early age became much more advanced in their spelling and reading abilities. Did you know that in 1945 the average elementary school student had a vocabulary of 10,000 words? Today, the average child has a vocabulary of only 2,500 words!

liesAlthough the rhymes are simple in NANNY'S NURSERY RHYMES, they also introduce words and content with which your children may not be familiar. This is good--another opportunity to teach a new word. Teach them what it means. Get them to say it out loud after you.

5. Nursery rhymes help with memorization. They are easy to learn because of the rhythm and rhyme, and also the repetition of the words. Little babies are drawn to listen to rhythm--the first sound they hear is the beating rhythm of their mother's heart. Research also shows that the more beat in the words, the more they love to listen and the easier they memorize. Read them with a beat.

As you read and recite the rhymes over and over they remember them for life. My children grew up reciting all the traditional nursery rhymes (I wish I had thought of writing NANNY'S NURSERY RHYMES when they were young!).

They loved rhyming books and I loved reading them. One of our favorite children's authors was Bill Peet (who has now passed away). Look for his books (available on Amazon). You will love them. One of the children's favorite was "Huge Harold." Today, even in their late forties they still like to quote a phrase from the book and even say it to their children:

Skating"Doggone and Dagnabit,
That's what I call a whoppin' big rabbit."
There was something about the rhythm and rhyme of those words that appealed to them.

6. Nursery Rhymes help expand your child's imagination.

7. Nursery rhymes help children with math skills. Many nursery rhymes use patterns and sequence which help children to learn simple math skills. Other nursery rhymes help children to count.

8. Nursery Rhymes create memories of the warmth and safety of mother's love. Because you read to them while they are nursing, sitting on your knee, or cuddled by your side, they not only learn rhymes, but associate them with love, security, and happiness.

9. Nursery Rhymes are portable. After you have read the rhymes to your children many times, they will know them by heart. You can then say them together when driving in the car or wherever you are together.

10. Best of all, Nursery Rhymes are fun. They are fun to read to your children. They are fun for them to listen to and fun for them to recite.

You will love this brightly-colored, delightfully illustrated NANNY'S NURSERY RHYMES.
To order, go to: http://tinyurl.com/NannysNurseryRhymes


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What a goldmine to find precious breast milk.

DEB BOLSTAD * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. writes:

"I have always been a stickler for breast milk, so when my sweet Torain could not nurse I was willing to go the extra mile so he could get what was best for him. Now what is best for him has changed into a diet to try to control his seizures, I would love to share this priceless gift of hours of pumping.

All of this milk has been in a deep freeze since it was pumped. It is all labeled with the date. Some are in pumping bottles and some are in pumping Medela bags. I have around 775 ounces. While pumping I was on a gluten-free diet and was taking a multi-vitamin, fish oil, and calcium, (from a company called Wellness Resources.) If you want any more information please contact me at 608-483-3441. I live in Stoddard, Wisconsin, which is 15 miles south of Lacrosse."

If you, or you know of another mother in need of precious breastmilk for their baby, call Deb or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Did you get to read the article called OUR PRAYER BOX in Above Rubies # 90? If not, you can read it by going to: OUR PRAYER BOX * http://tinyurl.com/OurPrayerBox

If you did read it, did you get to make a PRAYER BOX for your family? If so, would you like to email a picture of your Prayer Box? I'd love to see a picture. Send it by email attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you still have to make your Prayer Boxes, you don't have to go to a lot of effort. They just need to be simple. Find a box around the house and get the children to decorate it and perhaps write a prayer Scripture on it. You will be amazed at how it will enlarge and stimulate your children's prayers.

Here's a few pictures.



And here's a picture of Amity Beck's Prayer Box. The children were all excited to make it together.


I would also like to hear of what a difference the Prayer Box has made to your family prayer times in your home. And if you haven't yet made one, I hope you'll be inspired to do so after reading the article, OUR PRAYER BOX. Here's some more information to help you:

Ideas for Your Prayer Box:

Keep Informed About Countries And People Who Need prayer:

List of Persecuting Countries:


I know that many of you think up the most original and exciting ways of telling your husband, children, or friends that you are pregnant. If you have done this in a unique way, I'd love to hear your story. It doesn't have to be long, short is the best. I'd love to print some of these in the next issue of Above Rubies. To share your idea, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Type PREGGIE STORY in the Subject Line. Type only one space between the sentences and make sure your email is at the end of your story. Send in pictures that relate also.

By Bridget Welch * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Before I found out we were pregnant, my husband and I had three beautiful children--Alyssa (9), Josiah (7), and Emma (6), and they were all about to have birthdays. We had been wanting another child since our littlest Emma was a baby, but the Lord had other plans.

During these infertile years, God brought a beautiful young mother with three young children to live us for a time while she transitioned out of an abusive relationship. She became integral part of our extended family. We watched her go from a hurting lost young lady to a Jesus-loving, homeschooling mom.

Shortly after we setup our young mom in a house of her own, a precious girl named Katherine came to live with us. She had left home under some very stressful conditions, and God opened doors for her to come live with us. Four years later, she is now a full time member of the Welch family. Even though we did not have a newborn child these last six years, God gave us others to nurture.

As the years went by, I began to cry out even more fervently to the Lord, "Please Lord, Emma will be seven soon. Could You please give us another child?" One night I was at a Above Rubies Bible study group with some of my closest friends and I began to cry. I poured my heart declaring how much I really wanted a little one to hold. We petitioned God for a miracle during that time of fellowship, and a few days later I noticed that I had not had my monthly cycle in a while. I had been late before, so I did not get my hopes up until a friend of mine gave me a unused pregnancy test she had lying around the house. I had taken many tests over the last six years, but I prayed that this test would be a positive one.

I waited until the next morning after my husband had gone to work to take the pregnancy test. After he left for work, I snuck downstairs before the children were awake to take the test. With my eyes firmly shut, I waited a minute for the results to materialize. I slowly opened one eye and peered at the result. It was positive! I fell on my knees and cried out, "Thank you! Thank you, Jesus!" I felt like Hannah who cried out and the Lord heard her cries.

When the children awoke from bed, I immediately told them the exciting news. The children began brainstorming on how we could break the news to Daddy. We stuffed the pregnancy test, a rock, and a bunch of tissue paper in a box we had just received recently in the mail. It still had all the postal markings on it, so it looked very official. I then called my husband and advised him that a surprise package had arrived for him, and he needed to come home at lunch time to open it because it looked important and the children were dying to look inside. Luckily my husband only works about eight minutes away, so he was more than game to come home for lunch.

When my husband, Byron, came in, the children gave him the box and he gave it a shake. Then he cut it open and pulled everything out of the box and finally saw the test. He had a happy look on his face, but not an overly surprised one. My husband has a gift for knowing when women are pregnant, so he probably already knew in the back of his mind. After loving on me for a moment, my husband asked, " So how are we going to break the news to everyone else? "

While he was thinking about how to break the news to our friends, he swore me to secrecy to not tell anyone else until the big reveal. Now I have a big personality and I am a social butterfly. This request of his was very hard to keep, but I did! I was even at a swap meet with a friend who I consider a close sister to me. She noticed I was purchasing baby clothes, and I would like to think I was able to make a generic enough reason that would not have her suspecting anything.

My husband decided to inform all of our friends and loved ones at the upcoming Saturday House fellowship gathering. From the dollar store he purchased 20 pregnancy tests, and a large white poster board which he emblazoned with the title, "TOP SECRET EXPERIMENT.".

He asked me to take 18 pregnancy tests over the period of two days and asked Katherine, our adopted adult daughter to take the two remaining tests. He then pasted all my tests on the poster board in labeled chronological order. He labeled a small portion in the bottom corner of the board, "OTHER TEST SUBJECT" where he pasted Katherine's two negative pregnancy tests.

Saturday came around, and my husband brought out the board and told everyone he had been doing a "Top Secret Experiment" for the last few days. He explained it all to them and explained it in big words so it sounded official. The funny thing was that tests which were purchased from the dollar store were just small little sticks and no one could really make out what they really were. So everyone was squinting trying to see what he had done, because he was being very serious. After a number of perplexed looks at the board, the whole gang clued into what we announcing.

Today Jeremiah is eight months old and he has changed our lives so much! He is truly a blessing from the Lord. God has given us four blood children, one adopted child, and four very close spiritual children, and we love all of them as our own.
By Bridget Welch * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CHAD KIMBALL * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. writes:

"We've enjoyed your magazine for a number of years. We live in inner city Chicago and take in "at risk" children into our home, as well as homeschooling our four children (three biological and one adopted from Ethiopia). My wife could really use some help carrying the weight of some of responsibilities involved in what we are doing. Do you know of any interns or young ladies that might have a calling to something like this? We could provide room and board as well as remuneration."

Contact Chad Kimball * Ph:773 254 5396


In each new issue of Above Rubies I usually give a special discount for some of our products. This issue I am giving away BE FRUITFUL AND MUILTIPLY for HALF PRICE! I believe this is the most important book we carry in our bookstore. It takes you into God's Word to discover His vision for families. It is most important for each one of us who know God to know His plan. We have no excuse to be ignorant of God's plan because He makes it very clear in His Word.

Purchase the book while it is only half price and begin and exciting journey.

Go to: http://bit.ly/BeFruitfulAndMultiply   or

bfamaudiobk3d w



It's now summer time and time for wearing T-shirts. Have you ordered one of the BLESSED FAMILY T-shirts yet? They are delightful. You can custom order from over 40 personalities for your children and your husband. One price no matter how many children! They are printed on soft ringspun cotton in either pink or grey.

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Did you read the article, LABOR PAIN in the recent Above Rubies, #91? Marianne Manley RN. CNM, who is an experienced midwife has written four books that will be a great blessing to you, especially if you are thinking about a homebirth.


You can order these books from amazon.com.

CHRISTIAN CHILDBIRTH, 2ND EDITION * 560 pages of great testimonies and a wealth of information!


Ann Wills from London, UK * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. writes:
"A five-year old relative or ours, who is on the autistic spectrum, has been successfully having a therapy called "Applied Behavioural Analysis" (ABA.) He has one-to-one teaching sessions a few of times a week by a trained ABA therapist. When he first started this he hardly spoke at all, but now he says sentences and is in the top group for reading in his infant school class.

They began when he was three years with the word "where?" She hid a raisin and said "Where it is?" He had to search for it and she built on that. She helps him learn the things which other children pick up naturally. It’s like having a friend come to play with him as there’s so much fun and laughter. Supervisors check his progress and set the next goals for him and everything he achieves is documented. He’s a quick learner and meets the targets fast.

It’s all based on motivating the individual child. No punishment is involved--just small rewards such as praise. Parents have to buy cards, games, and other teaching aids and it is very expensive. Since the age of four he’s been kissing us goodbye and saying “I love you,” “See you later,” and chats to his parents.

It has been so worthwhile. His parents were allowed to have an ABA lady in school paid for by the family. This was a great benefit as she found he was often isolated there. He was eating alone with just his dinner lady helper, and he played alone. However, the ABA lady soon had him eating lunch with the other children and now he has lots of friends at school. He has given a talk in class about his pet guinea pig.

I understand that this therapy is more widely known in USA and that some US insurance companies will pay for it there. We know a family who have a son with autism who have moved from Britain to USA because the special dietary supplements and ABA in schools are much more widely understood and used in America. This is a field which is wide-open as even doctors admit they are puzzled by the condition.

There’s been a large increase in cases of autism, which some research shows may be linked to environment pollution. Wouldn’t it be good if Christians could train in these special ABA techniques and help children whose parents can’t afford to pay much for therapy? Although it is expensive, it saves the state money if the child is able to go on to have a career and be independent.
~ Ann Wills


by Christy McGlothlin


"Motherhood is more than baking cookies in the afternoon, being creative with pasta, and keeping the house clean. The reality of motherhood is not seeing the fruit of your labors for twenty years or more. It’s listening and seeing through deception and rebellion to bring them to truth through prayer and the Holy Spirit’s acumen. It’s showing the love of God when its most important.

Character building isn’t always pretty and it’s what motherhood is all about. The other aspects: kisses, tears, healing, family time, cooking, laundry, laughter. and being a family is the icing on the lopsided cake served up on our special day."
~ Pamela Blankenship Holt


I recently visited a crippled children's clinic, and there was a woman with a little boy (almost three years with part of his brain missing) who was all curled up. The woman sat down and fed him through a feeling tube. There were five cases, including his. They all died except this little boy. This mother chose life even though it meant he would die before three years. By a miracle, he is still alive. His mother adores him and he her. You can't help but notice the love.

I got to hold Alexander. He is cuddly and full of life. He smiled at me and even clicked his tongue, a form of communication for him. I thank God that I had the opportunity to meet this special little boy. He is a true miracle from God. I thank the mother for letting me get the chance to hold him and interact with him. I thank her for choosing life!
~ Marie Smith


"This morning at church I sat behind a divorced couple. The man has Alzheimer's and has forgotten they are divorced. They were lovingly sitting next to each other. At some point she got up and got coffee for the both of them. He attentively and sweetly helped her take off her sweater. It struck me how easy it was that they were now together. The man's terrible disease had unaffectedly wiped away past wrongs. His wife may remember, but since he had forgotten, there was nothing to fight about anymore, nothing to divide them. Nothing. It makes me cry. I makes my heart break, because it is so, so simple."
~ Heather Bryant * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


YouAreFlourishingDid you know that God's plan for you is to FLOURISH? And where does He want you to flourish? In your home. Psalm 128:3-4 (TLB): “Your wife will be like fruitful vine, FLOURISHING within your home. And look at all those children! There they sit around your table as vigorous and healthy as young olive trees. That is the Lord’s reward for those who fear Him.”

Perhaps you feel like a WILTING plant. You feel "half dead"! Or maybe, like some plants, you are barely SURVIVING. You get through each day, but only just! God has more for you, dear mother. He wants you to flourish and bloom. I believe we only come into the flourishing mode when we embrace our mothering role with all our heart. We know that we are in God's perfect will. No matter what the hardships and challenges, we face them with joy. We are not dreaming of some day when we will be through these mothering days. Instead, we live every moment to the full. Every moment is an abounding moment because Christ lives in us and His life is not wilting, but full of life and power (John 10:10).

Embrace your powerful calling of motherhood and make every moment a God moment. Think of yourself as a flourishing plant--abounding, blooming, blossoming, enlarging, expanding, flowering, growing luxuriantly, increasing, and thriving (Isaiah 54:2-3)! This is God's plan for you.


God's will for you is to flourish in your home. Here's some ways to flourish in your home:
F Flavor your home with joy, sweetness, and happiness (what a nice flavor)!

L Love every moment of your mothering (rather than dreaming of when these days
will be over).

O Offer your life as a living sacrifice (knowing that you save your life by losing it-- Mark 11:35 and Romans 12:1-2).

R Revel in the joy of mothering and nurturing the precious gifts God has given to you (knowing that your Employer is God Himself).

I Intentionally make positive things happen in your home (don't let the day lead you around in circles, but instead purposefully direct your day by the leading of the Holy Spirit).

S Sanctify your home daily with prayer, praises, and the washing of God's Word
(Ephesians 5: 26).

H Heap hugs and kisses on your husband and children daily


God is looking for holy, God-anointed, Spirit-filled, Word-filled, faithful-praying, devil-defeating mothers. Mothers who are not deceived, but know who God created them to be! Mothers who embrace every child God gives them and train them to also be victorious, Word-loving, prayer-loving, devil-defeating, and world-changing men and women of God!

May you be blessed out of your socks today.

Love from Nancy Campbell

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