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I was recently interviewed by Tiffani Riveron who is organizing an Online summit. She shares:

"My purpose for doing this summit is to encourage and inspire women that are struggling in this life without a God-given purpose to live out. We sometimes aimlessly float along without purpose! There will be 21 different amazing experts sharing about their purpose for life."

The great thing is this Summit is FREE and you are welcome to be part of it.
Save Your Seat Here! https://riveron.iljmp.com/1/nancyc

Tiffani shares:

"I know from personal experience, that we are able to grow and learn when we hear stories of others struggles and successes. We are able to learn from their mistakes, triumphs, and life lessons in order to help us get to the next step in our lives. This free summit hosted online is equivalent to attending a conference where you would travel and pay thousands of dollars to have all these speakers gather in one place to share with you their time, knowledge, and God-given wisdom, but yet you can take advantage of this for free. Would you kindly share this invitation with your friends and family, and any other person you know that could benefit from such an opportunity?"

Each speaker Tiffani interviewed shared about a different aspect of their purpose in life. My interview was about God's purpose for women from a biblical point of view.

You can join this free online event.
Click Here to Get Access Today! https://riveron.iljmp.com/1/nancyc

HOT OFF THE PRESS100DaysOfInspiration3D w

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This is the new book from the Campbell family.

Four women from one family (three generations) offer wisdom woven from threads of deep faith.

For 100 days, three of us write a message to you from our hearts. I write as the grandmother; my daughters, Serene and Pearl (Trim Healthy Mama) as the mothers, and then 19 year-old Meadow, my granddaughter. I know you will be blessed. These devotions are for the whole man--body, soul, and spirit. You will receive food for your soul and spirit and also encouragement in being a trim healthy mama.

To be the first to order this book today, go to: http://tinyurl.com/100DaysInspiration


What would happen if you were challenged to spend the next three days (72 hours) out in the wilderness with only what you could fit into a quart-sized container and the clothes on your back? What if it were the dead of winter? Would you survive the experience?

This movie shows the story of three of Evangeline's sons--Zadok, Sharar, and Crusoe Johnson and their friend, Samuel Gilmore--when they took up the challenge to see if they could survive for three days with only what they could fit into a quart jar.

You and your boys will love it. It will challenge them to new adventures. And yes, your girls will love it, too!



We will be speaking in different places for the first three weekends of October. If you are near these areas, hope you can come. These will be the last three retreats for the year.

WEEKEND FAMILY SEMINAR at 204 Eastside Drive, Twin Falls, ID 83301
Contact: Kimberly Dutt * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * 208-358-0515
Or Samantha Pierce * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * 208-543-9140

FAMILY RETREAT at Bethany World Prayer Center, 13855 Plank Rd, Baker, LA 70714 (near Baton Rouge).
Contact: Les and Connie Lanford
Ph: 225 774 3801 (Home) * 225 288 1463 (Cell)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To book, go to this link: www.la-empoweringfamilies.com

Contact: Debra Deschutter
Ph:519-433-6322 * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or Seanna Schmidt
Ph: 519-266-9643 * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Kathleen Engelhardt * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * European Director of Above Rubies writes:

"Many of you might have heard of the Romeike family that had to leave Germany because they were persecuted for homeschooling their children. Thank God, they found asylum in the US.

Still, there are other Christian families who want to teach their children at home but don´t want to take the risk of losing custody of their children, paying high fines or going to jail."

One of our Above Rubies families in Germany now plans to move to France to be able to homeschool legally. To realize this plan they still need money and they would be very thankful for every small donation they receive. They are Daniel & Isa, Joah (4), Jorim (1) and Josias (3 1/2 months old) * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * Ludwigsburg, Germany

You can find out more on the following link: http://www.gofundme.com/apr6gs



Leila Williams writes:

My husband and I are blessed that his job makes enough, that not only do I not have to worry about earning a second income, but we also have enough extra to buy most of the luxuries we enjoy like chocolate and a dinner out every now and then!

Joshua and I both grew up in large families so we were no strangers to the notion of budgeting, thrift store shopping, and pinching those pennies. Still, we were talking one day about how much money we are probably spending unnecessarily and, sometimes, wastefully. We take things for granted, like a home with central heat and having something different for dinner every night. In many countries it would be just rice, rice, and more rice. Americans really have no idea how luxuriously they live!

"Maybe we should try to be more frugal," we thought, and started coming up with ways to save more money. "We can eat more rice and beans," I said. Joshua didn't look overly thrilled. He's a hamburger and pizza loving man. But agreed that we could save a lot in the grocery department.

He was getting excited about the idea. "What if we tried to spend as little money as possible for a whole month!" My husband said, "Let's do December, when most people spend the most money. It would be a good challenge for us." He is competitive, too.

Of all the areas we spend our money, groceries was the most flexible, and that was my challenge. Both of us were going to try to make our clothes go further so we wouldn't have to visit the Laundromat as often. We don't have a washer and dryer so we were accustomed to doing our clothes once every two weeks at the Laundromat. Our baby Charlotte, however, had to have her cloth diapers washed twice a week. I decided to be tough, like our ancestors, and wash the diapers in the bathtub once a week. Oh, wait, our ancestors didn't have a bathtub with running hot water. I guess I'm not so tough after all!

We also determined to try to stretch our gas by planning trips carefully so that we didn't have to "run to the store" for things we forgot. Joshua was great at gathering coupons for items we use a lot so we could get the best deals possible.

Next thing we knew, December was upon us and it was time to implement all of our penny-pinching plans. I used a big wooden spoon to stir my diapers in the bathtub which saved my hands some pain and suffering. Then, I rinsed them thoroughly and hung them up to dry. It was more work but it saved us a trip and the price of the Laundromat washers. I guess for a modern-day American, I am pretty tough!

The crockpot became my best friend by cooking beans and lentil soup for me all day while I did the other household chores. One good thing about plain, cheap meals is that they are usually easier to make! I also finally made my rice cooker earn its place in my kitchen. We had bought a little cheese in November, so I tried to make it stretch as far as I could since we didn't want to have to buy expensive food items like that.

We had to give up pizza and hamburgers for the month. Poor Joshua. We both like homemade whole wheat tortillas and black beans, though, so that was a comfort. I researched cheap meals on the internet and sprouted lentils in a jar to give us more raw foods in our diet, since we were restricting ourselves to only the cheapest fruits and vegetables. Our goal was to eat healthy, but cheap.

I learned to conserve household staples, using techniques like tearing paper towels in half (or even quarters). We didn't sacrifice everything because we decided that our desire was to learn how to live an "American Lifestyle," but cheaply. So, we didn't give up toilet paper or clean clothes. We already didn't rent movies or buy ready-made foods before December, but we wanted to do even better at conserving money.

That December was a challenge, but rather enjoyable, especially seeing how much we saved out of our usual monthly expenses! Being good stewards with the money we are given is something we want to always do. The more we save, the more we can share with others! It also teaches us self-discipline and the old, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without" that our great-grandparents practiced every day. We learned several tricks that we will continue to use from now on. We aren't going to give up pizza and hamburgers, but we are going to be making better use of rice and beans!

LEILA WILLIAMS, Estes Park, Colorado
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
My husband, Joshua, and I are blessed with Charlotte, (13 months), Ezekiel (in heaven) and a new baby due this month, September!


(Please forgive me, I somehow deleted the name and email at the end of this testimony and cannot find it. However, I don't want you to miss this precious testimony).

When we got married at 19 and 22, we were both studying to become teachers. We were convinced that it was wise to use birth control for a couple of years. Everyone around us expected us to first get a good position before we had children. So I went on the pill.

Half a year later, however, we switched to using "natural" methods. Then, our view of children gradually changed and we started to like the thought of having a baby. About a year into our marriage, we found out we were expecting. We were thrilled! We told friends and family right away and started making plans. However, at seven weeks, we learned there was no heartbeat. Bleeding started just a few days later. Since we decided to not have a D&C, I had to go in to the hospital everyday to have my HCG levels checked. We were devastated.

It was during that difficult time that we first read about a family that had 17 children. They said that they would let the LORD decide the size of their family and that children were a blessing. We were very impressed by their faith and convictions. God started to work in our hearts to give us a love for children.

Six months later, we had another miscarriage. It was then we realized we needed to surrender completely to the LORD. We had rejected His blessings for us. Now we desperately longing to hold a baby in our arms. Now we were convicted to let God give us as many as He saw fit.

As we celebrated our two year wedding anniversary, we were expecting again. We thought that this time everything would go well. We had had a complete heart change, so God would surely give us His blessing now. But again, at just eight weeks pregnant, I had another miscarriage. My doctor sent me in to get a few things checked out. It turned out that I have a very rare disease called chromosome translocation. They also found out I have Von Willebrand disease. These diseases mean an over 50 percent risk for miscarriages.

Just when we got the results, we found out we were expecting again. At eight weeks, bleedings started. I was convinced that this would be yet another miscarriage. But the ultrasound showed a healthy, growing baby. In June 2010, we had our first son, Joah. We were so happy! To us, he was a "miracle baby".

Six months later, I was pregnant again and we had our forth miscarriage. We had just moved to a different city and it was hard on my body. I had been pregnant five times in three years. I was so scared that I would have more miscarriages! Still, we did not want to use birth control. I prayed that I would not get pregnant if it was going to be another miscarriage. I did not conceive until a year later.

When we went in for our seven week ultrasound, the doctor saw no heartbeat. He said that he would normally have to send me in for a D&C, but if we really wanted to wait at home (as we always had), we could do that. There was no bleeding and pregnancy symptoms were strong. So after about a week, we decided to go back to the doctor's office and have another ultrasound. There was a perfectly healthy baby with a perfect heartbeat! Hallelujah! Even now, I cannot bear the thought that hospital staff would have killed my precious baby!
We prepared for a home birth. But when my water broke, it was green. We had a natural birth at the hospital. Our second son, Jorim was born with a square knot in his umbilical cord. Yet another miracle baby!

About 11 months later, I was pregnant again but did not want to see a doctor again. Even though I had episodes of bleeding, I knew that this baby lived and that he was okay. Still, I went in for a 20 week ultrasound because my midwife insisted that I have at least one ultrasound. She wanted to be sure that the placenta was in the right place. The doctor said everything looked fine. The placenta was a bit low, but he would not worry about it and just check again, about a month before my due date.

However, at 33 weeks extensive bleeding started and I was rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section. They did not have much time to explain the procedure, but they told me there was a small risk that they might have to remove my uterus. I was begging them to do everything in their power to safe it.

I woke up in the ICU and I almost immediately knew: Things didn't go as planned. The first thing they told me was that my baby was fine. Praise God! But they had to do a hysterectomy. I have to say that when I heard this, I wanted to die. I had so loved being pregnant and giving birth and now I would not be able to have any more children!
Our third miracle baby, Josias is strong and healthy. We are so grateful for our three sweet little sons. They truly are a blessing!

Not being able to bear any more children is hard. I am still sad about this every single day. But I know that God's plan for our lives is good. And though I may not understand why he chose to let things happen as they did, I trust that he knows best.


If God is touching your heart to help get out the next issue of Above Rubies, we would be so grateful. Thousands of women receive this precious magazine in their letterbox and feel that it has just "come from Heaven" for them. I do hope you all feel like it comes from Heaven, but we still have to pay for the printing here on earth. I have to wait so long for the donations to come, and yet I want to bless all the women of the nations with it. I don't want to keep it only for those who believe the message, but to get it out to the millions of women who are still bound in deception, whose marriages are failing, and whose lives are hurting.

To donate you can go to either of these links on our webpage:
http://tinyurl.com/DonateToAboveRubies OR http://bit.ly/AROnlineDonations

Or, If you are able, and would like to donate even more, we have a gift for you. To anyone who donates $100.00 or more we will send you a beautiful CD, "Love Divine" of well-known hymns and worship songs by Jan Mulder, Christian pianist and composer, playing with the London Symphony Orchestra. Go to this link for receiving CD: http://do.nr/e0Dp

Or you can call 877 729 9861, or of course, send by check.


I constantly receive feedback from women who are abundantly blessed and whose lives are changed by reading this magazine. Here's just a few snippets:

"I love your magazine so much. I tell all my mama friends that it is the most wisdom you can get from any literature next to The Bible."

"Thank you so much for all the hard work that goes into Above Rubies! I just had my fourth child and my husband and I had been discussing what method of birth control to use after the baby when I read your magazine. I felt led by God that this choice was not what he wanted, but also conflicted knowing my husband was not wanting anymore children. He then read an issue and God started working on him and he brought it up to me! We agreed we would allow God to determine how many children we will be blessed with. When a family member asked if I would be getting my tubes tied to prevent any more babies, my eight year old son (who had not been a part in any of these discussions or to my knowledge even knew what it meant) replied for us saying we would have more babies in our family because he had already been praying about it and only God can decide how many babies our family would be blessed with. God is using your ministry in amazing ways!"

"I have spent the last five months getting used to being at home full time. This has been a time of tremendous learning. I truly don't know what the responsibilities of a wife and mother are. I had a general idea, but pretty clueless. But the Lord has called me to this ministry. I want to say thanks to you for what you do. You are not only encouraging women in their calling but also you are teaching those of us who just don't know. I have had spells of feeling really stupid because "I'm a woman and I should know what to do." But Above Rubies has convinced me that we are all in this together. I've read several articles concerning marriage and they have truly helped save my marriage. The dreaded "D" word has crossed my mind, but whenever I feel discouraged I re-read those articles and open my Scripture for direction. Thanks so much for following the Lord's plan and helping me to do the same."

"Above Rubies has encouraged my heart and helped me discover and truly embrace (and enjoy!) my God-ordained womanly identity as mom and wife."

"I was given your magazine 1 1/2 years ago and it changed my life and our opinions of children."

"Thank you so much for being so faithfully surrendered to the Lord in this ministry He has given you. I cannot express how much of an impact Above Rubies has in my life every time I pick one up to read. They are so anointed by God and at the very heart of His will for families. They are truly refreshing, like a waterfall to me as a mother of three under five years old. When I discovered Above Rubies and began reading your magazine, my spirit leapt within me with a big "YES"! Finding the truth is so wonderful. This friend of mine who miscarried in the winter recently found out she was expecting again. She was telling me how she got up at 4 am to take a test on the day her period was due because she could not wait any longer to find out about this baby! Her family has also been impacted by your ministry. I want to thank you, Nancy, for teaching us to love our children so much that even our fifth, sixth, or seventh child creates the kind of excitement that has us up at 4 am to test for a pregnancy . . . HOPING for that second pink line! Thank you for changing our lives and for reminding me not to give up!"

"I love your publications above all else except my Bible."

"It is common understanding in our home of nine children that when Above Rubies comes it is mom's bath night. I take a long, soaking bubble bath and read it cover to cover. I come out encouraged and smelling good!"

"A friend told me about the magazine almost two years ago and it has been such a tremendous blessing to me and my family. Every time I read your magazine I feel a peace and a burden lifted off of me. I know I am doing the right thing, even though the world around me is doing the complete opposite. I need to read stories about other women who are living this life. It encourages me to continue on."

"My last child is here only because of your encouragement that children are blessings. With each child, I get more organized, patient, and sanctified! The children become much kinder and compassionate, and our home is filled with more love!"


If you don't belong to Facebook, you can still receive my daily encouraging posts by going to: http://tinyurl.com/WomensDailyDevotionalBlog


What are you making happen in your home today, sweet mother? Are you sowing discord? Are you sowing a bad attitude? Are you making it a negative and dissatisfied atmosphere?

Or are you sowing joy and happiness? Are you sowing positivity and encouragement? Are you making your home full of gladness?

I love Psalm 46:4-5, "There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High. God is in the midst of her: she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early." God wants to dwell in the midst of your home. He wants you to make it a glad place to live.

You can't do this in your own strength. Often, you feel absolutely the opposite! You don't feel glad and you don't feel like making anyone else glad! But how does the gladness come? There is a river! The Living Bible translates it, "There is a river of joy flowing through the City of our God—the sacred home of the God above all gods." Praise God for the river of life of the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. Let the life of Jesus Christ (the One who has more joy than all His fellows) and who lives within you, flow from your life today.

Don't give into your fleshly feelings. The secret of my life is learning to not live by my feelings but by the life of Christ within me. Let the river flow from your heart today to touch your husband and your children. Bring gladness to each one.

Many blessings to you. And pray with me for the printing of the new magazine.


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