Brave Enough

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Brave Enough by Pearl Barrett

I know how to give a piece of my mind,
Practice makes perfect, I don’t have to try,
It comes easy for me,
But I’ll admit it’s not working that well,
I think I’ve come to the end of myself,
So I’m finally listening to that still small voice
Urging me to make the choice to be…

Brave enough to be meek,
Bold enough to be still,
Wise enough to learn to hold my tongue
When my words just want to spill
Big enough to forgive
Strong enough to submit
Yeah, brave enough to let these hardened parts
Turn to gentleness.
Brave enough!

I know God’s ways are higher than mine,
The wisdom of man is foolishly blind,
Now I see clearly.
I know I’ve got some hew habits to learn,
I need to build back the bridges I’ve burned
For I very nearly lost the one that I love,
So here I am asking for help from above to be…


So turn me around,
Turn me upside down,
Mold the core of me
Into what you are naturally.


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