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Together by Serene Allison

You and I have been through the fire,
Been through the flame, together, 
You and I have seen many kinds of weather,
Been through the rain, together,
You and I have tasted of the ripened fruit
That our loves yields,
And when the wine was bitter, our salty tears
Escaped and mingled down together.

Our love is like a bird,
Can’t fly with just one wing,
I need you and you need me,
We’ll take flight in harmony.

You and I go deep, walk vulnerable
And barefoot on love’s path, together.
You and I have swum across the rivers
That were barely passable, together,
You and I have tried to scale the mountains
Their reflections casting doubts together.

We’ll soar above our fears,
When the storm blows, we will find His shadow,
We will hide beneath the One
Who watches over the sparrow.


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