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Michelle Kauenhofen

Michelle Kauenhofen

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When you feel worn out, exhausted, taken advantage of, under appreciated and not acknowledged, remember this.

The greatest gift of all time came at a very high cost on a wooden cross. We mothers labour not in vain, we are in the trenches together, waging war against all that seeks to defeat us, and trudging forward to great victory.

Of course there will be some hardships but we are not failing. We offer the greatest gift that we can. It is our labour of love to raise godly seed, and set an example in our marriages of Christ and His bride. We are daughters of the King in every circumstance, being polished by His hand and together, arm in arm, looking up, we win.

Love Michelle+1

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And finally I'd like to share this with you as we remember Mother's Day here:


I have some little people with fine hair and rosey cheeks
They giggle and they squeal quite as often as they speak.
They climb on me each morning and chase me through the day,
Asking lots of questions and begging me to play.

It's easy to get busy with the things I need to do,
Forgetting that their playful days are fleeting and too few.
O, Lord, please help me notice what's important and what's not,
To cherish precious moments and to mother as I ought.

Please keep me from distractions that would rob me of the joy
That you have planned to give me through my precious girls and boys.
Please help me teach them of Your ways, this is my highest aim,
I long to see my children live to glorify Your name.

O, help me be the model that would draw them to Your throne,
Let me make for them a haven that would turn their hearts to home,
And in these fast and fleeting years, please help me not to miss
The treasure that you give me in each cuddle and each kiss.

Please give to me a child's heart, to see the way they see,
To savor every moment with these ones so dear to me
so when I 'm old and looking back at every blessed year
I will rejoice that I was there to share each joy and tear.

Copyright 1998 Val Halloran

Love Michelle+1

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"I am so blessed to have been given the gift of raising eight children when I wish I could have been and done so much more for them.

Even if I were better in all of the motherly things I feel I'm so lacking of...mercy, attentiveness, culinary talent, enthusiasm, and all the things associated with ideal mothering; I care most if I have failed at imparting to my children the knowledge that they need salvation through Jesus in order to know the true meaning of their existence.

I can fail at many temporal motherly things, but if I have failed at the only thing that will matter for eternity, then everything else good that I could have done in this life for my children will have been in vain.

My children said many nice things to me today; but whenever they say they appreciate that I direct them to Christ, or have set a godly example for them, that is when I feel most fulfilled as a mother. To hear any of them say that is truly a testimony of how great God's grace really is!"

I thought this was a most beautiful status update today by Val Halloran.

Be blessed! Love Michelle+1

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A mother's joy is very often found within the joy and walk of her children, and when a child recognizes and values the deep love of a mother, a mother's heart is on fire with love and thankfulness.

I want to leave you with 2 of my favourite mother quotes:

"I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." - Abraham Lincoln

"I thought my mom's whole purpose was to be my mom. That's how she made me feel."

May the Lord bless you tremendously this day, and make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you, and give you deep and abiding peace.

May you take joy in both your own mother and your motherhood, love Michelle+1

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Are you feeling like your work and contributions as a mother aren't worth very much? Perhaps you believe that your female counterparts in the workforce are contributing to society more? I could say so much about this, but I will start here.

I found this study that said, "Salary.com surveyed more than 8,000 moms to find out how much time they spend on common tasks, and calculated the pay they would get for managing the same services in the corporate arena. For example, being the CEO of the household comes out to a salary of $171,824 a year, or $55.07 an hour."

Well now, not too many folks are valued at $55 an hour, and although you do not get an actual paycheque as a stay at home mom, it is nice to know the financial value of the work, not to mention the incredible value of building future generations!

Have a wonderful Saturday all of you wonderful mothers out there!

Love Michelle+1

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People don't believe in all kinds of things, and I am no exception. I do not believe in defeat. There is no such word in my life as a believer. When things look bleak, I recall Eph 6:12, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

I fervently pray for all the armies of heaven to work on behalf of the bleak situation, to turn an ungodly one into a godly one. I ask the Lord to battle in the heavenly places on behalf of His child, as the war is not mine, and He is the Victor.

Do you believe in defeat? I hope not. The enemy has no lasting power, and faith is believing in what is not seen. If victory seems a far way off in your circumstances, then also add 'additional faith' to your prayer, to believe in what you cannot see. Victory is coming! There is no room for defeat as the battle is the Lord's, and He won't be defeated.

Love Michelle+1

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I love this! I was just saying to a friend tonight that we live in a culture where "we want what we want and we want it right now", but that does not generally work in marriage. Marriage often takes great patience, commitment, perseverance and time to develop into all that it can be.

Love Michelle+1

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Following up with Nancy's post on wombness, last night I found myself having a conversation with a young single woman regarding pregnancy. She felt that men had it so easy, as women have to deal with their monthly cycles, and with pregnancy and post-partum.

I was able to share that being a woman is the most amazing thing for so many reasons! Only women can share in the creative power of God by bringing forth new life. Only a woman gets to feel new life move and grow within her. Babies know their mother's smell, voice and heartbeat even before birth, and are easiest to console by being near their mother. Only women get to suckle and nurture their babies at the breast. Only women get to conceive and have the joy of experiencing pregnancy and birth.

She left with much to think about regarding her very blessed and privileged wombness.

Love Michelle+1

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Sometimes I lose a day. It gets lost in the mire of grumpiness, or sometimes in the bog of self-pity. Ashamedly, it can even be devoured by worry and fret. Can you believe that? Why do I so willingly lose a day to misery, when each day is so precious? Each day is only coming around to me one time, with no guarantee of another. Each day truly is a 'once in a lifetime' experience. Time for me to only lose days to joy, and gratitude.

Just a little self-check to end my week.

Maybe you needed one too. Love Michelle

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Today my favourite scripture is 1 Sam 2:21,

"And the LORD visited Hannah, so that she conceived."

The LORD has visited me, and I have conceived!

After 2 losses in 2011, we are absolutely over the moon, shouting from the rooftops excited, completely rejoicing and of course, coveting all prayers on our behalf for a healthy baby, and an uncomplicated and full term pregnancy. May our arms be blessed with Baby 12 next summer. We just had to share, as how many days in a lifetime are you blessed with such amazing news as a positive pregnancy test brings? Each day we carry this new life is a day of marvel, gratitude and joy. Thank you for celebrating with us, and keeping our pregnancy in your prayers! Love Michelle

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It is easy to praise the LORD when things are going well. Tonight at our dinner devotions, we read,

"I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth." Ps 34:1.

This is quite a challenge, to say as David did, that His praise shall continually be in our mouths. This is fairly uncomplicated when we are overjoyed (as our family is at the moment with this new life) and much more trying in difficult times.

The thing is, if we practice to be continually in praise each day, throughout all circumstances, there will be much less room in our mouths for complaint and discontent. After all, our mouths can only utter so much at one time.

May we all practice using our mouths more and more for praise "at all times, continually", and less and less for anything else, today and every day. Love Michelle

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The other evening I was so blessed to hear 2 older women I had never met before. I love to watch and learn from those a step ahead of me in life. I listened to one pray so powerfully and so humbly, and it encouraged me to hear her earnest pleas, and fervent faith. The other woman shared how she is battling cancer. She said that although she felt she could have done without this in her life, she knew the Lord was walking right beside her. She said she figured God must have felt that she couldn't have done without experiencing this illness, and He was going to walk alongside her through it all, no matter what happened. She said whether she saw physical healing or not, she knew that she truly was healed because her Saviour was with her, and that was the best part. These women were so gracious and calm, and they unknowingly taught by example how to walk with the Lord. Praise God for the body of Christ, that we can watch and learn from one another, especially from those that are a step ahead of us. Love Michelle

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People often feel great when they get things accomplished. That is most likely what they will share with others too. Things like how their to do list got accomplished, or how the canning got completed, or the laundry got all caught up. These are great things, and I feel good too, when I get lots done. I've been thinking today that maybe we need to celebrate some other, less discussed accomplishments. The ones that perhaps aren't as tangible and yet probably carry more weight. Things like: I greeted my husband with a smile and a hug, even though I was angry with him, or I did not yell when my toddler broke eggs all over the rug. How about these? I prayed instead of complained when I was frustrated with my workload, or I praised, kissed and hugged my teens today even though some of their behaviour is disappointing.

These are the bigger accomplishments in my mind. Holding the tongue, showing love, controlling feelings, and behaving with grace and mercy, even when we don't feel like it. Now those types of things are worth their weight in gold and are big accomplishments. They are examples of bearing the fruit of the Spirit, and are worth celebrating and sharing. Love Michelle+1

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Tonight as I went to give my two year old a bath, I grabbed the community paper to read. Once I got in the bathroom and started her bath though, I immediately began washing the sink, the toilet, the floor, the counters, and then I noticed the paper. I smiled. Why read the paper when I can make the bathroom a more pleasant place for everyone to visit, I thought to myself. Then I remembered how a younger me would have reacted. I would have complained how awful it was to not have time to read it, as there was always too much work for me to do. I would have resented that people in the house weren't cleaning up after themselves the way I would like, and the grumbling in my head and heart would have continued into a pity party and likely ruined that bath time. How silly of me! It is great to grow and learn, isn't it? Love Michelle

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Motherhood has many seasons, each with new challenges. Just as we adjust to one season, a new one emerges. The baby grows, a new baby comes, a toddler becomes a child ready for school, a tween becomes a teen, a high school student graduates, a college student studies, a young adult needs direction, a wedding to plan, a grandbaby or 2. Life is so fluid, and often we forget how transient each season really is. "Normal" family life is forever re-adjusting, and we do well to continually embrace the 'new normals' that present themselves. Sometimes there is a season that allows for a more orderly home, sometimes there is a season that does not. Both are seasons, both are normal and both are good. Embrace whatever season you are in whole-heartedly and get every great memory you can out out if. Before you know it, it will be gone and a new one begun. Love Michelle +1

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Today I heard a minister say that we are often hindered because we are led by "the pressure of the saints, rather than being led by the Holy Spirit".

Reread that. It is powerful!

He gave a very personal example of how he, as a pastor, would let fear of what his congregation might think, negatively influence what he should do even when he knew he should do it. This is so true for all of us!

How often fear stops people from stepping forward in faith, or stops them from going where they think God is leading them in their lives. This is quite clear even here on this page, when people share their fears about being confronted with negative feedback about a pregnancy, for example.

Oh that we would stand in the truth and be led by the Spirit!

"The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe." Pr 29:25. Strengthen us all dear LORD to not be led by the "pressure of the saints" or the world for that matter! Love Michelle +1 - I love my new signature...Thank YOU LORD!

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Posted by on in Women's Daily Encouragement Blog

Children never outgrow the desire to hear words of praise and affirmation from you, do they? I really noticed this the other night, when Cam and I took our oldest 4 (of 11) out for dinner. They are 21, 19, 18, and 15 years old.

They each groaned and looked somewhat mortified when I said I was going to speak a blessing to each one of them right there at the restaurant table.

I proceeded to tell them, one at a time, specific ways that they have been blessing me. I told them things I am proud of in their lives, and things that impress me about them. I spoke of things that I loved and adored about each one of them too.

Although they all originally thought it was a horrible idea, and I know that I put them on the spot, and way out of their comfort zone, I also know it was well worth it. I sure had their complete attention, and their eye contact when I spoke. All their ears just perked right up!

What a great reminder for me, as truthfully, more of what proceeds from my mouth to my children is correction, teaching, and training, rather than praise and adoration. This is especially true with the older ones.

I learned a valuable lesson. If I really want anyone's attention, I need to bless and affirm them, and they will be truly listening! Perk up the ears in your house today, even if it takes someone out of their comfort zone! Love Michelle +1

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I just had to respond to the article entitled "How Many Children Should We Have?". I have written on my blog about this very touchy subject that I am so passionate about. It is a Scriptural debate on fertility, and not a judgement on anyone, so please do not twist it into such. We must stand on Biblical principles, and based on what is in the Scriptures that pertain to fertility. I hope you are enlightened to what the Word has to say on the subject. His Word, not man's. Love Michelle +1


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Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank You for your grace and mercy upon me. I thank You that You often use the least of these, and that my feelings of doubt or inadequacy do not ever thwart Your plans. I pray that You fill me with Your Spirit, and enable me by Your grace. I want to be the sweet wife and mother, that is cherished and remembered with fond memories by her family, and not the harsh, complaining, stressed out one that I can sometimes be. Forgive me when I lose sight of Your truth, and focus on worldly cares. Help me to see and know the truth. Strengthen me and my faith Lord, and may my household and I all walk in righteousness in Jesus name, Amen.

Love Michelle +1

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"Few matters in the world are as changeable as emotion. We can be one way one minute and feel quite opposite the next. Emotion changes as feeling changes, and how rapidly the latter can change. He therefore who lives by emotion lives without principle. Emotion may be denominated the most formidable enemy to the life of a spiritual Christian." wrote Watchman Nee.

Make no mistake, to be feeling and emotionally led is often to be led astray. This is true when we make poor decisions in the heat of the moment, or in highly charged emotional circumstances, especially with our husbands and children. Oh Lord, grant us the ability to walk in your truth and principles, and not get sidetracked by our ever changing and often incorrect and imbalanced feelings. Love Michelle+1

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