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God Knows Best

Eric and I had been married for one year, when we welcomed our first-born into the world. Margaret was a surprise, yet a delightful one. God used her to open our eyes to the blessing of children. Eighteen months later, Howard was born. After another 18 months, Walter joined our family. A home with little ones can be demanding, but Eric and I enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with youngsters. We relished the laughter, energy, and enthusiasm that our toddlers and babies brought to our lives.

Like clockwork, I conceived our fourth-born when Walt was nine months old. However, shortly after we learned we’d be welcoming a new baby girl into the family, our oldest son (age 2.5 at the time) was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes--an incurable autoimmune disease of the pancreas that requires daily insulin injections.

We were shocked. Feelings of disbelief quickly morphed into frustration and immense sadness. After a weekend at the children’s hospital and a whirlwind crash course in diabetes education, we took our son home and embarked on a new chapter in our lives. Blood sugar checks, insulin management, and food management became a top priority in our lives. Looking back, I’m ashamed to say I was a tad bit embarrassed by my growing belly. Before too long, I’d have a newborn on top of what already felt like a major balancing act. Maybe everyone was right—maybe I did have my hands full!

As the days and weeks passed, our family slowly but steadily adjusted to our son’s new medical needs. I can say that only God’s grace has allowed us to navigate each day with assurance, resolve, and peace. As the pregnancy progressed, I found myself increasingly excited for the birth of our new daughter. Her arrival symbolized the hope that only Christ—the giver of life, can provide. For the first time, I viewed this new baby not as a burden to bear or a season to trudge through, but as a true blessing to enjoy!

Early in the pregnancy, we chose the name Louise Winifred should we have a girl (as both names honor respective family members). Yet, the names’ meaning of “Blessed Warrior” took on new significance in the months that followed Howie’s diagnosis. We felt the Lord’s hand on us more than ever. Although our son’s disease presents daily battles to fight, “blessed” seemed to be the sentiment of the season. We’ve never been more thankful for our children, especially our precious son and the new life growing inside of me.

The sheer joy I felt when I delivered our daughter, Louise was indescribable. Despite what the world may say, God knew what Eric and I needed: another precious little one to remind us of His presence, His goodness, and His faithfulness—both in times of trial and times of celebration. Truly, children are a blessing, a reward from Him. We are eternally thankful for His perfect timing in bringing Louise to us! She is a delight!

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