At a Christmas event on the weekend the speaker quoted that we should not give gifts to one another, but rather give to the Lord. I find this a confusing statement. I know that we should give to the Lord--our time, our talents, and our whole lives. But, let's face it, how do we practically give to the Lord? I believe we give to Him by giving to one another.

Psalm 16:2-3 says, "Thou art my Lord: my goodness extends not to thee; but to the saints that are in the earth, and to the excellent, in whom is all my delight." How does God see us showing goodness and love to Him? By extending it to His people! When we give to others, we give to God.

Of course I don't advocate spending money you can't afford on expensive gifts that people don't need and that are often for show! Although we all get together on Christmas Day, we have lots of other little traditions in our family. The other night it was our special night with Vange and Howard and the 10 children. I didn't have money or time to purchase gifts, and yet I wanted to give. There's something wrong if we don't want to give, isn't there? I think its miserly, stingy, and boring!

Find out what happened tomorrow.

Love from Nancy

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