As we seek to make our home a sanctuary for God, we must fill it with things that God loves. Yesterday we talked about strength. God also loves beauty in His sanctuary (Psalm 96:6).

Fill your home with beauty. God loves it.

We love to decorate our home to make it look more beautiful, don't we? Beautiful music, pictures, plants and greenery, and flowers add loveliness to the home--whether it is a spacious home or a very humble home.

But, beauty is even more than things. Beauty is order. There is no beauty in a home that is filled with junk and clutter. There is no beauty in a home that is not ordered and running smoothly. Order and simplicity will not only fill your home, but your soul with beauty.

Beauty is peace. That sure doesn't mean that you live a quiet home where there is no noise or hubbub of activity. If you have children, there will be noise, and even mess (but you don't leave things in a mess). Don't forget this fact--your peace is not in quietness; your peace is in God. Look to Him in the midst of everything happening around you.

Beauty is the joy of big and little children all around us. They are the gladness of our home. Beauty is the aroma of food cooking and a delightfully set table that woos each family member. Always seek to make your table beautiful--a tablecloth (use a plastic cover over it if you have little ones and don't have time for extra laundry), and flowers (even a bouquet of weeds your children have gathered) or perhaps candles.

Beauty is love, joy, laughter, and especially sweet and encouraging words to your husband and children.

Seek to add a fresh touch of beauty to your home each day, both practically and spiritually.

Love from Nancy
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