In reply to my post, I LOVE HOME, here are a few comments that came in about de-cluttering.

“I do love being home, but sometimes the clutter gets to me.”

“I'm on a de-cluttering kick, because I'm realizing the less you own and have to care for, the more you can LAUGH and enjoy what you have--your husband and children. You can make your own happy and peaceful and have a spirit of joy rather than stuff.”

“I'm currently redoing our budget as my husband's income is down. For us, doing without things and cutting back is a better fit for our walk in Christ than for our household to do without ME.”

I think we could receive a load more comments on this subject. I am sure many of you have found great ideas to keep your homes free from clutter. Feel free to share to encourage and bless other mothers. This is what this Above Rubies Facebook is all about—to help and encourage one another in our great calling of making our homes the greatest places on earth to live!

It certainly is true that we can’t enjoy living in our home if it is unorganized and full of clutter. Clutter in the house clutters the mind. You can’t even think straight. If only we could get it into our heads that less is better than more. The more we have, the more we have to care for and thus the more work! The less we have, the less we have to worry about which equals a lot less stress.

If your house is in a clutter and you don’t know how it can ever change, don’t despair. Instead of looking at the whole mess, take one room at a time. Start with one room and get that organized, and then start on the next.

One of the blessings in our home is Preparation Day. Did you know that this is an actual day that is mentioned in the Bible? It is the day before Sabbath when they cleaned their house and prepared their food so they didn’t have to work on their rest day.

Every Friday in our home we clean the house from top to bottom. Although we tidy every day, it is great to have one day when you thoroughly clean, involving all children in the clean, of course. You can’t do it all on your own (although mothers with little ones have to wait a few years for their reward years when they have older children to help).

Some ladies wrote yesterday, “Why not work WITH the children to get the house clean? That makes more sense than ignoring them to clean the house.” And “My children always joined in with the cleaning and cooking because that is how they learn these skills to later use in their own homes. Both my sons are excellent cooks as a result.”

On this day, I usually like to clean one extra thing, such as a fridge, the pantry, or a cupboard, etc. And so gradually the whole house keeps organized. You can read more about this by going to the web page and checking on The Preparation Day. Although Preparation Day is officially Friday, you can make it any day of the week to work for you.

Love from NANCY

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