I continue to comment on another comment from I LOVE HOM. There are so many comments from my last few posts that I am looking forward to commenting on. We will enjoy lots more discussion together this coming week.

This mother writes, “I always love your posts. With this one my sense of humor popped up with the words “delicate” and “delightful.” Of course, I understand the correctness of what you are saying but a mental picture of me in my gardening boots popped into my mind. Boy oh boy, that is anything but delicate and delightful!”

So true! This is the amazing thing about motherhood. It has two powerful anointings. God has put within us the anointing of nurturing which is tender, caring, loving, and sweet. This is the “delicate” part.

But, God has also put within mothers an anointing of strength--strength of mind, character, and purpose to enable us to fulfill this great task of running a home and raising a family. He also gives us physical strength. Proverbs 31:17, “She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms. “ Have you noticed that you become stronger as you mother? Your arms get stronger holding heavy babies! You strengthen up as you dig and tend to your garden (which is very much part of homemaking) and physically run your household.

You also receive a new kind of strength that is like the strength of a lion. Look out anyone who would hurt your children. And look out adversary, the enemy of our souls and our children’s souls. We guard over our children like a lion guards over her cubs! We will fight against any intrusion of the enemy!

It is lovely to look and dress as femininely as possible. I love to see my daughters in their lovely flowing long skirts (although they are not always dressed this way, and especially not Evangeline)! She’s usually in her gardening, shooting with the boys, and adventuring clothes! Serene says that she likes to wear feminine clothes around her home as wants her children to remember her as a princess!

But, we also have to get into our “work” and gardening clothes. I don’t know about you, but I have to get into my “work” clothes to work or be in the garden. I have a dear friend who can do physical activities in her home and stay dressed like a queen! I remember one time when we were all painting the church together. She came with her hair done up and her high heels on, looking as she usually did just like a queen. But, it didn’t stop her working. She worked along with all of us and never got a drop of paint on her! Help, I was in my oldest clothes and had paint splattered all over me!

Let’s embrace with all our heart the two powerful anointings of motherhood. And lookout world!

Love from Nancy

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