Do you have a busy day planned? Of course you do. Every moment is filled when we have precious children to care for isn’t it?

How about fitting in some prayer? Romans 12:12 tells us to be “instant in prayer.” Many other Scriptures exhort us to “continue in prayer.”

“Help,” you cry out! “My whole day is filled with cooking, caring for my baby, teaching my children, cleaning the house, and a thousand other interruptions—and you expect me to pray all day too? Impossible!”

I know. My day is filled to the max, too. So, how do we do it? How can we continue in prayer throughout the day? I believe it is having an attitude of response toward God. We turn every frustration and problem into prayer. We turn every sigh into a Hallelujah!

The children are squabbling; hold their hands and pray with them. It sure works better than screaming at them. One of the children is having a problem with his lesson; pray together about it. One of them falls over and scratches his knee; pray for him.

Perhaps a friend calls to ask prayer for a specific need or to share that a friend is in labor. Don’t say, “I’ll be praying.” Instead, pray together immediately over the phone right at the moment.

My, we as mothers can be continuing in prayer all day long as we constantly and instantly bring every matter to God. Don’t forget the “Thank You” prayers, too. Whenever something good happens, even a little thing, praise and thank the Lord.

Have a great day continuing in prayer.

Love from Nancy

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