I see a disturbing theme in parenting difficult teens these days. It seems to be permeating our culture. It seems that if a family is faced with a teen determined to make unwise and unhealthy decisions, families are counselled to step aside and let the young person have their way. The logic goes something like this: 'seeing as you cannot change a person that does not want to change, just let it run its course'. It is sort of the "you can't help someone that doesn't want help" mentality. You just step back and hope and pray for the best.

I disagree.
I look to the Word for counsel. I look at the ultimate Parent's example. He looked at His children, that were so terribly lost and continually and horrifically failing in every way imaginable, and He basically said there is no sacrifice too great.
He died to save His children.
Why do so many parents give up nowadays, and feel that they can do nothing?
There are always things that can be done, always new methods to employ, always new outreaches, and new supports to explore. There is always more prayer, more involvement, more love, more patience, more sacrifice and always more hard-work, even heart-wrenching work that can be done. There are always new avenues to explore, and when we reach a dead-end, we find a new route. We never give up, and we keep on trying. After all, our children are the future, and they will be raising all our future generations. It is worth it.
Let's follow the example of the Father, and not grow weary in our parenting, if or when trying times come.
Do not count the sacrifice, and do hope beyond hope as you employ every possibility. Never give up.
Love Michelle

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