Jacob said to Laban, “I will again feed and keep thy flock” (Genesis 30:31). For 20 long years Jacob shepherded Laban’s flock (Genesis 31:38), but he continued shepherding all his life.

Our mothering is also a shepherding role and even though we may continue mothering for 20 years or more, it doesn’t stop there. We are shepherd-mothers all our lives. This is our role.

What does it mean to shepherd? Two massive tasks—to feed and to keep.

The word “feed” is raah and means “to feed, pasture, rule, and care for our flock, but it also means to associate with as a friend.” The Hebrew literally means “to continue tending.” Like a literal shepherd, we don’t leave our flock. We are always with them—feeding (it’s hard to get out of the kitchen, isn’t it?), leading, and guiding them.

The word “keep” is shamar and means “to guard, keep safe, watch over and protect.” Once again, we are always near our flock. We can’t watch over them if we are not with them. And, of course, we not only protect their physical lives, but their souls and spirits.

A powerful full-time career. Embrace it and enjoy it today.

Love from Nancy

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