What does a mother of many children do when she has a new baby? How does she get to nurse her baby?

What a beautiful sight as I beheld all Serene’s children gathered around their new baby sister, Haven Rest. And not only all her children, but all the cousins too. They all wanted a turn to hold the baby, some getting put out because they hadn’t had a turn yet. Their eyes were filled with wonder and delight. The room was suffocating with children and Serene had to prize her precious baby away to feed her.

Oh the joy of new life. There is no greater wonder and blessing that can come into the home than a new precious life that comes freshly from the hand of God, “the descent from heaven of a new soul,” a child destined by God for specific purposes on this earth and who will live forever.

There is no greater gift to give children. There is nothing they would rather have than another baby sister or brother. And no matter how many children in the family, the wonder and excitement never fades.

This is the “life” of familiness. What sadness and deprivation when there is no new life. How sad that modern Christianity has been seduced by the enemy who hates life to limit their families. They not only limit children, but dynasties to come. They not only limit children, but the joy, laughter, wonder, delight and the divine visitation that comes with new life.

Love from Nancy

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