God doesn't need much of anything to make a fabulous, amazing, incredible, humongous result, does He?
When talking of His kingdom, He tells how the small mustard seed, the smallest of all the planted seeds, becomes the largest of all the plants in the garden (Matt 4:32).
In marriage, it only takes small acts of obedience, small steps of faith, and small bits of trust for Him to bless us with huge, gigantic, overwhelming and unimaginably good results. Perhaps not overnight, but certainly over time. Watch and see!
Even if only one spouse is making the effort, He blesses! Even if the effort is minuscule, the blessing is returned ten fold! He ensures that each and every act of obedience on our part is always rewarded! No effort comes back void, ever! We only need to do our part, even if we can only handle a small teenie tiny part, the investment comes back with terrific returns. Try and see how God will work unbelievable results. Love Michelle

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