Famous people may get hounded by the media, with paparazzi wanting their pictures, and fans wanting a second of their time, but that is nothing. As a mother, I am in demand 24/7 each day of my life! There is always someone wanting to share with me, touch me, talk to me, show me something, draw me, sit with me, listen to me, see me smile, hug me and kiss me. Someone always wants to know where I am, what I am doing, and how I am feeling. Someone always misses me, longs for me and wants to be in my presence, even if I am in the shower! I am forever in dialogue and in loving demand, and it will not pass. This is true of all mothers. Unlike the famous, we are always in the limelight. There is no fleeting moment of fame because for Mother, it lasts a lifetime. No amount of worldly fame and fortune can hold a candle to the power and influence of motherhood. What an incredible privilege, to be so very in demand. Love Michelle

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