My seminar this weekend, called "Water in the Desert: How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough" was extremely well attended. I cover the three D's and the ABC's in this talk. The 3 D's are Doubt, Discouragment, and Deception and they all must be avoided in order to have your home and school run well. In addition, you must check your Attitude, Build up your relationships with your husband and children, and Care for yourself. How are your ABC's going? Make sure you are avoiding the 3 D's as well. The enemy loves to see us walking in deception, full of discouragement and doubt. Give him no pleasure today. Walk in the fullness of the truth, in the privilege of your calling as daughter of the Most High, wife of your king, and mother of the most precious children. What an amazing gift we have, the gift of life! I hope you can feel and catch my excitement! Love Michelle

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