It was so sweet yesterday when I was being teased about having so many children. I had just finished praising our oldest son, to the table of 21 that was gathered, about how well he runs the home when his dad and I are away. Someone replied that it was their guess that our son may not want to have any children of his own, after having to watch so many. Another commented that we better pay him well for such a gruelling job. To all this our son answered, "No, I want at least 12 children", and his sister piped out, "I want as many children as I can have", and I finished by saying, "This daughter of ours wants to adopt in between pregnancies, so that she doesn't have to wait so long to hold a baby, and although we don't pay our son, we will happily return the favour when he has a family of his own, regardless of the number." That left the whole table speechless, and they all got a whole new perspective on attitudes toward children. After a brief pause, someone said, "Well, I guess that's how it is for some people". Yes, I guess that's how it is. :) Love Michelle

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