Have you ever noticed how many "Never leave children unattended" signs there are? With so many dangers out there for little ones, I guess parents need reminding. As children of God, there are times we may feel unattended and alone. Our attempts at living a godly lifestyle can end up causing us much opposition, ridicule, and even pain. Yet we are never left unattended, are we? Our Father neither slumbers nor sleeps (Ps 121:4), and when we suffer for righteousness sake, ours is the kingdom of heaven (Matt 5:10) and we are blessed (1Pet 3:14). We need to arm ourselves with the truth, so we do not grow weary of doing good. Being in the will of God may not be easy, but it is definitely worth it. His watchful eye is always lovingly upon us. Even if we face opposition, and feel alone, we need to walk in truth and courage today. Love Michelle

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