Sometimes I feel stressed out. Life is so full of unexpected events. A sudden job loss, an unexpected expense, an accident or illness to contend with, or an unforeseen problem or breakdown. These all threaten to unravel us, don't they? Our natural inclination is to feel discouraged and downtrodden.
Today, I read II Kings 6 and 7, where the people were under siege and famine, and were completely devastated. They made my problems look miniscule. In ch7:2, Elisha told a man that it would get better the next day, and was met with unbelief . Isn't this just like us to doubt and feel that there is no way out when we are in the thick of things? Look what happens though. His doubt leads to his demise.
What a wake up call! We must remember the truth. God never leaves us or forsakes us. He never stops working out His purposes in our lives, and nothing is too great for Him, regardless of how things look to us. Be of good courage, and walk in faith and hope today. I am leaving all demising doubts at the doorstep, out of here, where they belong. Love Michelle

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