What a pity the other day, as I glanced through a magazine on the plane and saw an ad for permanent birth control that said, "I love being done having kids". I was so angry. Where are the ads that promote child-bearing, or child-raising?

Our populations are dwindling, and embracing children is a most fulfilling and amazing way to strengthen our nations, and serve our Lord. If I had the finances, there would be full color ads in every magazine and newspaper, promoting the truly glorious life. A life of nurturing and embracing children, through every possible means - adoption, pregnancy, foster care, you name it.

Can you see my ad? Smiling parents sitting around a table full of children, or walking hand in hand to church, with the headline, "We love children, we'd love more". It would be so beautiful that everyone would see it and be impacted. They would want a house full of children to share their lives with, just by seeing such a wonderful ad.

I guess for now, we shall continue to be live, walking ads, shining out the best way to live life. We are making an impact just by existing.

Hmm, does anyone have finances to start an ad campaign? I'd love to help with the creative aspects.

Love Michelle

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