The World Waits with Expectancy

What possibilities lie in the new-born babe! He is like a ship sailing out into the sea of life. There will be calm sailing, but also adventures and storms along the way. As parents, we will teach him to know and trust his Captain, and to understand the ways of the sea.

The new born is like a new plant waiting to be watered with prayer, and nurtured, trained, and encouraged with God’s Word and big doses of encouragement in order for him to grow into a mighty oak that will bring shelter and blessing to many people.

The new born is like an unwritten book. God has the story already written, but He waits for the child to write on the blank pages. With much prayer, godly wisdom, and teaching, the parents will help to guide him as he writes the story.

The new baby is like a precious jewel, waiting to be cut and polished so he will shine more and more brightly as he walks in this world. He will not only shine in this world, but Daniel 12:3 tells us that those who turn many to righteousness will shine “as the stars forever and ever.”

Every new life is another revelation of the image of God in this world. Each new life comes with the potential to shed God’s light into the darkness and destroy the works of the enemy. The child is not a life to itself. He will influence everyone he meets. Many more lives will be born as future dynasties come forth from this one child and shape generations to come. No wonderful the devil hates new life!


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