“His name shall be called… Wonderful” (Isaiah 9:6). God cannot be fathomed. He is mysterious (Job 11:7-10). Judges 13:18 says His name is “secret.” We should always be in awe of God and teach our children to have this awe and wonder of Him. May God save us from ever putting Him in a box or allowing our children to put Him in a box.

“Wonder” is an emotion that God has given to us. Firstly in relation to Him, and then regarding creation and life. Even daily life. Sadly, many have lost the emotion of “wonder” today. Their brains have been so stimulated with the media and iphones, ipads, and ipods that they have no room left in their brains for “wonder” and expectation in life. Little children are born with this wonder. Encourage it in your children, and give daily opportunities for it. I love the lines of Sara Teasdale, “Children’s faces looking up, Holding wonder like a cup.”

Live in the expectation of wonder today.

Love from Nancy
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