Today I finally let go of a sentimental trinket that has been broken and glued back together countless times over the last 20+ years. After all, it really isn't that important. Yet, how I have tried time and again to keep it functioning and on my shelf, despite several moves, falls and breaks.

I was shocked to realize that all that effort I put into fixing my item is often not even put into valuable relationships!  So many around me give up on marriages, or rebellious young people, because of the pain, hassle and effort involved. I was almost one of them, in regards to my own marriage years ago!

Yet, tossing these relationships out is so very detrimental on so many fronts! How come we often pour lots of loving attention on things of little value, and give up on the major things?

We must not give up, and we must encourage those around us to not give up either!

Nurture, encourage and develop those precious relationships, and watch them bloom! You can toss your trinkets, but do not toss your God given relationships!

Love Michelle

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