‎"Are you done yet?" "Don't you know what causes that?" "I could never have enough patience!" "What on earth does your husband do for a living?" "Haven't you heard of birth control?"

These are common statements many of us have heard. Guess what the beauty is about hearing people's opinions? They are only *opinions*! They are not *Truth*!

The truth is that the Lord opens and closes the womb, the Lord says children are a blessing, the Lord says children bring joy and happiness, the Lord loves to bring forth godly seed and a quick study of Genesis, Proverbs and Malachi offer many truths regarding fertility, and when someone offers an opinion, you have an open opportunity to offer truth!

When my OB told me my uterus was getting worn out, I said,"Isn't the uterus the strongest muscle in the body?" "Yes," she replied. "Well, all muscles get stronger with use!"

She didn't agree, but it is always a wonderful opportunity to spread the truth about children, when you are offered an opinion.

Love Michelle

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