Proverbs 10:21 says, “The lips of the righteous feed many.” I long for this to be my testimony, but in order to have feeding lips, I must first feed my soul. I want God’s Word to not only be in my heart but in my mouth, ready to feed whoever is around me. All mothers need feeding lips. Not only do we have hungry bodies to feed, but hungry souls and spirits too.

What a tragic thing to be faithful to feed our children’s bodies so they are robust and strong and yet they grow up with tiny starved souls and spirits. Our children’s “inner man” needs feeding as much or more than their “outer man.” I like to tell my children the statement I read of a great Chinese Christian who confessed, “No Bible; no breakfast!” He would never feed his physical body until he first fed his spirit.

Be a “lip feeder” today. Richly feed your children and those around you with wisdom and truth.

Love from Nancy

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