You are pregnant! But you are scared to tell your parents or parents-in-law! You know you’ll get a negative reaction (or maybe even a violent reaction)!

Can I encourage you that you only have to get through the next few months, for when your precious baby is born, their hearts will change. No one can resist a baby!

Your parents and friends have this negative reaction because they have been educated to have this response.

Society, the media and the education system all teach that you shouldn’t have too many babies and should instead give your lives to careers and jobs that you will leave behind and will have no impact on the nation or eternity! Their minds have been conditioned to believe lies from Satan who hates life.

But don’t despair. They’ll love your baby when he or she comes.

And every new baby is a revelation of God’s truth and God’s kingdom which is a kingdom of life. You are helping to establish the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.

Love from Nancy
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