Michelle's TOP POST #7

Michelle's TOP POST #7:


That's right, I am "just a housewife." How about you?


It is the most accomplished title there is! It is far more powerful than my degree. As housewives, we multitask and get things done! We are not quitters, as there is no shortage of work. We clean, cook, mend, nurture, care for the needs of the home and the family, and we know how to work around all kinds of disruptions!...


We are financial wizards, hairdressers, fashion designers, chefs, physicians, personal trainers, teachers, organizers, managers, nutritionists, counsellors, chauffeurs, motivational speakers, coaches, librarians, singers, dancers, lawyers, judges, hostesses, lovers, creators, writers, maids, laundresses, comedians, mechanics, bakers, gardeners, and so much more!


We are world changers! That's right, just us housewives, doing our jobs!


Love Michelle

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