Men, I am very concerned about the coming elections. I feel they are perhaps the most important this nation has faced for many years. This present administration seems to me to be as hard-core communist as they could possibly be, and we haven't seen anything yet!

If this president gets another four years in office, I fear that the United States of America will be hard to recognize as the great country it has been. The next four years under our current president would be heavy duty dismantling of America as we have known it.

All the cities and states in this nation that have been following this extreme socialistic agenda are either broke already, or are going broke at an alarming rate. Many are looking to the federal government, or other cities and states, to bail them out. But, from where will this money come? They should not be bailed out by any means unless they change their liberal agenda.

It is highly possible that God would allow the present form of Obama government in order to bring a form of judgment on America for all of this nation's sins, which are many.

Men, we must call upon our God of mercy that He will have mercy upon us and deliver us at this crucial time.

To be continued.

Be encouraged. Colin
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