20. Keep yourself physically clean, tidy, and in good shape.

Most men, when seeking to court a lady in view of marriage, will take stock of their appearance in order to make the most of what God has given them. They will shower, spruce up their hair, put on a clean shirt and pants, pull themselves up to their full height, and put on all the graces they can master. They do this to win the "love of their life" and hope she will accept him as her man.

It seems sad to me that once he has won her affections and the wedding is over that he begins to gradually let the standards of grace slip. In a way, he has given her a false impression. It was all just "a put on" to get her.

I believe that all husbands should clean up and tidy up their appearance for the evening meal. Your wife will notice that you still seek to honor her as your wife and lover. You should still count it as a privilege to sit with her and your family for the evening--looking, smelling, and acting your best, or at least close to your best.

As the years go by, do your best to keep yourself trim, not only for your own sake, but for the sake of your wife and family. Do not allow yourself to be scruffy and unkempt for the rest of your life.

Start today.

Be encouraged. Colin
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