14. Make sure your wife feels free to be able to get out of the home from time to time to shop and visit friends, as long as it does not interfere with family meal times and homeschooling.

Of course, your wife has daily responsibilities to which she must attend. However, she must not be forced to feel that she is stuck in a prison with no way of escape.

Some women are victims to over-controlling husbands who take their spiritual headship too far. This causes wives to feel they can't do anything unless they have their husband's approval. They have little to none of the personal freedoms that a Christian woman should enjoy. In a sense, this husband tyranny.

A wise husband, who wants a happy marriage, will do what he can to make his wife feel free so she can serve her husband and family out of love, rather than servitude. The Proverbs 31 woman certainly seemed very free to make a lot of personal decisions. Her husband was not mean although obviously they were a wealthy family.

Those of us who struggle to make ends meet do have to be watchful on spending, and yet we would be wise to not let tight budgets turn us into becoming mean, unloving, and inconsiderate husbands.

Be encouraged. Colin
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