9. Stand by your wife and support her whenever you discover any of the children have been giving their mother a hard time by deliberately being disrespectful.

When fathers come home they should enquire from their wives as to the behavior of their children towards their mother, as well as towards each other. Small infractions that are normal for young children should be overlooked. A quiet reminder and encouragement to behave better may be all that is required by father.

However, bad moods, insolence, disrespect, and rebellion towards their mother who is trying hard to do what is right for her children must be dealt with by the father when he gets home. He should give appropriate discipline, followed by loving words of encouragement. to do better. The child should be made to sincerely apologize whom apology is due.

If a father neglects to stand by his wife and support her efforts to teach and train his children, she will become discouraged and feel inadequate to fulfill her great and important work.

A homekeeping mother who is sacrificing her life for the sake of God and her family needs the full weight of her husband's support. Otherwise she will feel a victim, and in a sense, abused.

Be encouraged to be an encourager. Colin
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