4. Take time each day to talk to your wife and listen to her.

A woman needs a husband she can talk to. I think most women like to talk to their husbands, especially about the things that interest her. The danger of the "work place" is that there is always more than enough men who are willing to chat up someone else's wife, and yet they are not willing to take the time to listen to their own wife. Shame on them!

Remember this, men. While you are working with adults with whom you can have a mature conversation, your wife willingly sacrifices all that in order to raise and train your children, in all their immaturities.

When you come home each evening, take the time to engage your wife in loving conversation. Be patient and take the time to listen to what she is interested in. Take the time to hear her out, even if you are itching to get on with your own interests.

I think a lot of men are like myself and struggle with impatience, which is immaturity. Your wife deserves to daily have some of your undivided attention. She certainly deserves it.

Be encouraged. Colin
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