Should we purchase products from companies that openly support the homosexual agenda?

We know that homosexuals lifestyles are contrary to nature (the way God created us) and that this sin is given a special name in Scripture, namely, “an abomination” (Leviticus 18:22). Cohabitation in this perverse way leads to the destruction of cities (Genesis 19).

We also know that homosexuality does nothing to stabilize a population, let alone increase it. Even if homosexual couples adopt children, these children will be encouraged to become or accept homosexuality just by growing up in the environment of this unnatural lifestyle.

These people believe that when we take a stand against their sin that we hate them. This is not the case. Can we not love them to Jesus who is able to deliver them from this sin?

I cannot for the life of me understand why companies would want to give their money to the homosexual agenda. They are simply mocking God who created them and gave them the power to get wealth. They will be speechless on Judgment Day.

Whatever company openly supports the homosexual agenda does not in any way deserve our support. If it is at all possible, refuse them your business, so you will not be guilty of complicity.

Be encouraged. Colin
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