We must ask this question. Should homosexuality and all types of perverts feel comfortable around the followers of Jesus Christ? I think not. They should feel our love, but they should also feel convicted.

I need to make a clarification to yesterday’s post. I wrote, “To know all Scripture without the power and love of the Holy Spirit leads to death (“The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life” 2 Corinthians 3:6). To have all spirit without a good knowledge of the Scripture can lead to error and also to death.” “To have all spirit” should be changed to “to have all love.”

Reaching out to homosexuals and all types of perverts with arms of love, without a clear and loving call for them to repent and receive Jesus’ forgiveness, is not the full gospel. I have seen homosexuals get up and walk out of church services because they were offended at the preacher’s loving, but negative comment, regarding their sin.

Another question we must ask. Should not preaching the gospel truth convict people of their sin and their need of forgiveness? I believe it should.

I am sorry to offend. However, homosexuals should not in any way expect true Christians to accept their lifestyle as normal. No way!

Be encouraged. Colin
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