Men, do you smile at your wives? If not, why not?

Here are some quotes…

“All people smile in the same language.”

“A smile is a light in the window indicating that the heart is home.”

“A smile is God’s cosmetic.”

“Learn to greet your friends with a smile; they carry too many frowns in their hearts to be bothered with yours.” ~ Mary Ayer.

My wife recently wrote a post on the Above Rubies Facebook encouraging wives to smile at their husbands. She was grieved to receive so many negative responses of wives who shared that even smiling at their husbands made no difference to them. They were still so difficult to live with and many had give up hope. And these were “Christian women.” This reveals how deep and difficult the problems in even Christian marriages.

I hate to think that I would be such a bad husband that my wife would find it difficult to smile at me. How we need a revival that will bring healing love, and yes—smiles, back into our marriages. How hard-hearted have we become when we cannot freely smile at each other? How hurt we must be that we cannot even smile.

Be encouraged to smile more at your wife. Colin

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