5. There are three principles to be maintained during Family Devotions.

1. PRAYING TOGETHER (each member praying)

The devil will do all he can to stop families from corporate praying.

Prayer is calling upon God to defeat all the devices and attacks of wicked spiritual powers. When families pray prayers of agreement, tremendous forces of God are summoned into action to bring answers to their prayers. There is no need that is too great for God to provide a victorious answer.

I believe that everyone around the table should pray—no exceptions. In this way, each member of the family exercises their highest duty and privilege in life. They are doing their part in the battle of life, not only for themselves, but for others and the nation.

It is at Family Devotions where the art of prayer is learned and developed. It is at Family Devotions where the devil’s plans are weakened.

Encourage short prayers that are to the point, in order to not drag out the time. Long prayers can kill Family Devotions. Long praying should be encouraged for individual praying on your own with God.

Be encouraged. Colin

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