When Christians take family planning into their own hands, they cease to build the house. When the Anglican Church in England (Episcopal in USA) at the Lambeth Anglican Conference of Bishops in 1930 opened the door a tiny crack in order to accommodate extreme situations in birth control, i.e., sexual diseases of genetic rarity, this crack turned into a landslide of contraception amongst Protestant churches. I took only 30 years from the time contraceptives were legally allowed to the legalization of abortion.

We now live in a time when the demograph of western nations is under serious threat. According to population scientist Theodore Lakish it takes three children per family to stabilize a population and four children to increase the population. This takes into consideration infertility, the fact that some may not marry, fatalities (either infant or adult), and homosexuality which does not contribute to population growth.

We must not take fertility for granted. Our western Christian culture is now under serious threat.

Be encouraged.


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